School Bus Bully Gets Choked Out by Victim (Video)

bullyEvery once in awhile, when someone does something bad, they suffer an immediate consequence for it that serves to teach them an important lesson. This is exactly what happened to a young girl on a school bus who it seems made the decision to start an unprovoked fight with a boy, but ended up biting off more than she could chew when the victim fought back and choked her out. The incident was of course, captured on film and posted to YouTube.

When the video begins, the girl is seen standing over her victim, assaulting him with what appears to be vicious slaps. She continues to repeatedly hit the young boy, who is trying hard to protect himself from her blows, but the assault continues and even begins to progress toward greater acts of violence. At one point, the bully shifts from using her hands to kicking the boy in the head, which it seems was the final straw for the victim.

The boy suddenly stands up on the seat and starts to fight back and turns the tables on the violent young bully. The former victim seems to have a little knowledge in the basics of self-defense as he begins to control her head and manages to get behind her and put her in a proper UFC-style choke hold. At this point in the video, the girl’s brother starts to try and fight to get his sister free, but to no avail. Choking sounds can be heard in the background as the boy sinks the hold in tighter.

It is important to keep in mind that a defensive choke hold like this is not designed to cut a person’s air supply off. It cuts the blood flow to the brain, making the individual pass out and lose the will to fight. The boy was obviously trying to defend himself, not inflict injury on the young girl. In fact, after the incident was over, the victim asked his attacker if she was okay.

The big question that needs to be asked is why the bus driver did not try and break up the fight before it escalated. During the video you can hear what appears to be an adult woman saying that she cannot do anything to stop the fight, but was calling the police. This seems strange, as either child’s life could have been in danger. Perhaps there are policies in place that prevent the driver from getting involved, which seems counterproductive to keeping children safe. A bully should not have to get choked out by the victim during a ride on the school bus.

No information is available about what type of punishments either child might be receiving as a result of the altercation. This raises the question of whether or not a child has the right to defend themselves with violent force if necessary. It is hard to make a judgment call on an incident like this as the context of the situation remains a mystery. No one knows what transpired moments before the fight broke out, so no one can say with certainty what made the girl pick her victim. One thing is for sure, this school bus bully will probably think twice before attacking someone else after getting choked out on camera.

WARNING: The video below contains language and violence. Please watch with caution.

By Michael Cantrell

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  1. Tim   April 12, 2014 at 9:56 pm

    Society has created a situation where drivers can not become directly involved in this situation without fear of repercussion. This is why most drivers/companies have a policy of calling police in this situation rather then become involved directly to avoid disciplinary or legal actions.

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