Selena Gomez Gives Up Parents and Taylor Swift for Justin Bieber?

 Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is slowly shedding her Disney image, and fans hope the petite star is not going down the road to self-destruction on the way to adulthood. It was reported this week that Selena Gomez has not only alienated her former best friend Taylor Swift but she has also fired her parents as her managers, and the question remains—is she giving everything up for Justin Bieber?

Gomez and Bieber have a long history of breaking up and getting back together. As the world watches Bieber spit off balconies on fans, pee in buckets, speed race through Miami, and attack paparazzi, Gomez’s image has remained untainted. At first, it seemed as if the two tiny pop stars were really over, but now pictures have surfaced that Gomez and Bieber have been meeting at dance studios and recording studios, sparking rumors that they have rekindled again—despite Bieber’s current popularity plunge and legal drama.

Gomez has been managed her mother, Mandy Teffy for years, since Gomez made it big on Wizards of Wavery Place. This week, it was reported that Gomez boldly fired both her mother and her stepfather and is seeking a new manager. Perhaps the star is hoping to change her good girl image and become more adult, like Miley Cyrus. After Gomez fired her parents, she was seen in Miami at a recording studio with Justin Bieber, although she was trying hard not to be photographed. Reports say that she was stumbling through the door and could not stand up by herself. Her parents are said to be completely opposed to her relationship with Bieber.

Not only has Selena Gomez cut ties with her parents, but also she seems to have given up her best friend Taylor Swift for Justin Bieber. Fans are used to seeing Gomez and Swift hanging out at award shows together and going out on the town for diners. Lately that has all changed, as the two singers have not been spotted out together for a long time. Rumors are spreading that Swift is sick of watching Gomez going back to Bieber only to get hurt. Swift also thinks Bieber is gross, as she was caught on camera making a grossed out face as Gomez kissed Bieber hello. Swift and Bieber are also as opposite as can be. Swift has never stirred up as much trouble as Bieber has, and fans hope Gomez will not follow his lead.

Selena Gomez appears to have given up her parents and Taylor Swift, all so she can be with bad-boy Justin Bieber. Although her parents and Swift are able to see what a bad influence Bieber is on her, Gomez seems to be in denial. Gomez has even been to rehab to seek treatment for her obsession with Bieber, but now it seems she has given up fighting and would rather be with him, even at the expense of her career. Fans hope that Gomez will see the light and move on from the troubled Bieber, before she makes more bad decisions and burns even more bridges with people who matter to her.

Opinion By Sara Petersen

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