Selena Gomez Wins Three Awards at Radio Disney

Selena Gomez Wins Three Awards at Radio Disney
On April 26, Selena Gomez won three awards at the Radio Disney Music Awards program. The 21 year-old singer took home Song of the Year, Best Song To Dance To and Most Talked About Artist.

Gomez was the only artist to be honored three times. Her songs, Come & Get It and Birthday earned two of the awards. Rather unsurprisingly, Selena also pulled in the “most talked about.” Considering just how much the singer’s name has featured in the world’s press recently, she must have had little to no competition.

On April 22, it was reported that Gomez had unfollowed a slew of her “former” friends on Instagram. BFF Taylor Swift, who also won a Radio Disney Award for So FANtastic – Fiercest Fans for her “Swifties,” was among those that were dropped. This unfollowing of Selena’s “bestie” lead to speculation that she was dissing her staunchest friend.

It was revealed later that 24 year-old Swift was not the only person to be dropped by Gomez. Right after the Coachella Festival, where Selena and the two Jenner sisters, Kendall and Kylie, had been almost inseparable the singer also stopped following them.

On top of that, Selena deleted all the selfies that the Coachella threesome had taken over the course of the festival. Rumor has it that Kendall has also removed a selfie of her and Gomez, in retaliation.

Granted, Selena Gomez did only follow an estimated 14 people on Instagram. Sadly, since she dropped all her “closest” pals on the app, there will be no messages of congratulations for her three Radio Disney Award wins.

Another person dropped from her follow list on Instagram was her beau Justin Bieber. Sources closest to Selena have said that she is getting rid of all the “toxic” people in her life. Certainly, the singer got an awful lot of flack from her manager parents over her decision to hook up with Bieber again.

So much flack that Gomez fired her parents and took on Katy Perry’s manager Bradford Cobb. Other “besties” dropped like a toxic rock included Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson and Austin Mahone. Mahone, who performed at the Radio Disney Awards on Saturday is said to be quite upset at being dropped from Selena’s follow list.

Apparently, the dropping of her threesome pals from Coachella came about because of another threesome between Selena, Justin and Kylie. The rumor mill has been grinding at double speed since the Instagram incident and it’s being said that Gomez is upset at being the third person in a love triangle, hence the dropping of the two Jenners and Bieber.

It is ironic that the number three is figuring so prominently in Selena’s life right now. The threesome of her and the two Jenners, another threesome between her and one Jenner and Bieber, and the three wins on the music awards show.

If the rumor about Justin Bieber is true, it seems very appropriate that Slow Down singer has dropped the Jenners and Bieber. However, it is a little mystifying as to why the singer dropped former BFF Swift. Perhaps it was a case of not wanting to hear, “I told you so,” from Taylor.

With all the drama going on in Selena Gomez’s life right now, it is no real surprise that out of the three Radio Disney Award wins on Saturday, one of them was for “Most Talked About.” If the rumors are true about Kylie Jenner and Justin Bieber, Gomez will have no one to turn to for support, unless her new manager steers her to Katy Perry. Who knows Perry may teach Selena how to Roar.

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