Skydiver in Arizona Dead After World Record Attempt

Skydiver in Arizona

A skydiver in Arizona jumped with more than 220 people in a world record attempt, but 46-year-old Diana Paris’ parachute malfunctioned and now she is dead after falling from the sky.

Paris is from Berlin, Germany and she joined more than a couple hundred others in Eloy, Ariz. to break the world record for the world’s biggest group skydive. The skydiver in Arizona died Thursday, according to a report from AZCentral, and her husband said she had around 1,500 jumps throughout her career as a skydiver.

Skydive Arizona was the company that led the skydive over the desert sky Thursday. They announced that a faulty parachute was to blame and that it was released to close to the ground to allow for the backup chute to deploy, according to the New York Daily News. Paris was declared dead at the location of the landing, according to reports.

The jump that resulted in the death of the Skydiver in Arizona consisted of a total of 222 people in the World Team eager to break a new record and be a part of history. Tragically, that history will now include a death from the attempt. Someone on the ground driving, witnessing the event, noticed one out of the other parachuting thrill seekers was falling to the earth at an accelerated speed. The driver of the vehicle called the police to report the trouble of the skydiver in Arizona.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is investigating the matter, along with local and state law enforcement to see if the parachute malfunction was the cause of the incident that led to the death of Paris. She will be now known as the skydiver in Arizona that was found dead after the world record attempt, but she will be remembered fondly by her team members who have decided not to replace her with another member.

The World Team will attempt the dive again, but will 221 members, honoring Paris after her tragic demise doing what she loved. The team has said that she can’t and won’t be replaced, according to reports citing a public statement from their media director Gulcin Gilbert.. The team represents nearly 30 countries around the world. Eloy is about an hour southeast of the major metropolitan area of Phoenix.

Other skydivers and the large size of the group during the jump was said by Gilbert not to be a factor in the death of the skydiver in Arizona. Eloy is no stranger to this scene. In December 2013, two men crashed into one another and were killed during a world record-breaking attempt with a couple hundred skydivers there.

NBC News9 in Colorado reported that the 18,000-foot free fall was a formation jump that is a choreographed jump. They reportedly reached speeds of around 100 mph. They had to break formation so they did not break the record they intended but they will try again. The skydiver in Arizona reportedly had to wear an oxygen mask because they reached such a high elevation. The jump involved ten airplanes in the sky. The skydiver in Arizona that is dead after the world record attempt will be honored by her team, who jumped in “missing man formation,” meant specifically for the fallen jumper from Thursday’s reported incident.

By Rob Lawson

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