South Africa, the ANC Not Playing Fair in Upcoming Elections

South Africa

South Africa and the African National Party (ANC) are fervently campaigning to obtain as many votes as possible and are not playing fair as the upcoming elections move into final weeks. The national elections in South Africa will be held on May 7, and with less than four weeks for the political parties to gain votes and a possible parliamentary seat the leaders continue to campaign vigorously.

The ANC want to secure a two-thirds majority vote, and they have selected to visit all the provinces of South Africa and talk to the people. It is not only the promise of a better future or land reform the ANC is promising. The gift of food and money for the poor is  handed out by President Jacob Zuma at rallies.

Jacob Zuma addressed a rally in Parys and his security services handed out food parcels to the masses. This is actually an old election strategy used by the ANC since the start of the 1994 democratic elections. Supporting Jacob Zuma in his quest to appease the minds of voters, the KwaZulu Natal Agriculture and Environmental Affairs MEC Mashack Radebe said that people receiving government grants and voted for opposition parties were actually stealing from the state. A classic ANC move to throw the guilt of government into the minds of gullible people and coerce them into believing that all benefits will stop if the ANC is not in a controlling capacity.

The ANC Fetsa Tlala (end hunger) Campaign is widely used for electioneering purposes. The Agriculture Department denies the abuse of this, although thousands of T-shirts have been printed in the ANC colors displaying a picture of the president and the good story the ANC party tells. These T-shirts are handed out to the public at rallies and other election campaigning events. This is a serious worrying factor as the the official opposition party, the Democratic Alliance (DA),  pointed out that this project received a budget allocation of almost two billion. The DA supporters and branches around the country have verified the tens of thousands of Fetsa Tlala shirts been given to people over the last two months.

The DA submitted a question to Parliament regarding the amount of money spent on the T-shirts and called for an answer on what basis the distribution was intended. The replies received are laughable, show no respect for parliament, and confirm the suspicion of taxpayer’s money been used to fund the ANC campaign. The DA will follow this unexplained expenditure and will submit reports to the Public Protector and courts to insist on a comprehensive reply.

In another electoral plan, the Education Minister Angie Motshekga and the ANC Women’s League president said she would be handing out school uniforms as part of her vote canvassing for the ANC. This is another state expenditure and common factor used by the ANC party to brainwash the people into believing their party is the only caring party of South Africa.

These handouts by the ANC to the people during election campaigning are paid for by the few million tax payers of South Africa. The abuse of tax payers’ money is utterly preposterous and casts doubts on the authenticity of the Independent Electoral Commission being free and fair.

The advertising campaign of the ANC party is another nightmare expense burden for the state. The posters and billboards trailing along the major highways of the South Africa boldly declares the ANC as a sharing and caring government. The advertising in leading newspapers, magazines, and television continues to show the amount of money spent on the ANC campaign.

The South African Defense Force over the past several years has clearly indicated their severe lack of funding for the military wing of the country. Yet, this department has spent an undisclosed amount on advertisements running in all the major newspapers for several weeks at a time. The advert is another pioneering ANC campaign to demonstrate the massive power of its party. This is another astronomical cost and abuse of state funds for election promotion.

The ANC party forcefully hijacks state events for ANC rallies. Bus loads of ANC supporters are transported to state events and handed T-shirts while the ANC use the opportunity to boost their election campaign. Again, this action by the ANC is another form of exploitation of government money.

While the opposition parties continue to devote all their time and resources to the election campaign, the ANC move along unfazed by all the negative comments. The DA is adamant and committed to keeping the May election free and fair. The constant reporting of abuse of resources and their determination to inform the public about the underhanded actions of the ANC during the election campaign will continue in earnest.

Jacob Zuma, the president of South Africa and the ANC party continues to apply the same tactics used in previous elections to increase their political plans. Since 1994, the South African elections have always been free and fair and now as the ruling party, the ANC, loses its shine, their strategy proves to be a raging battle for victory. The ANC is not playing fair in the upcoming elections of South Africa. The opposition party is complaining, and matters can turn ugly if the continuing abuse of state funds is not controlled.

Opinion By Laura Oneale


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