Star Wars Episode VII New Details Revealed

Star Wars

Star Wars Episode VII, the new film to set off the new trilogy reveals new details. This is news that fans have been waiting for since over a year ago when it was announced that a new trilogy was to be made. News came shortly after Disney acquired the rights of Lucas Art which included the complete Star Wars franchise, as well as all other rights Lucas Art held which also included the Indiana Jones franchise. Disney bought Lucas Arts after months of long and tedious negotiations that were finally concluded, and Disney ended up buying out Lucas Art from Star Wars creator George Lucas for a sum of over 4-billion dollars.

Fans of the beloved and iconic series were left feeling bittersweet, on one end a new trilogy was finally going to be made, but on the other end it was being made by Disney. Fans were unsure on how Disney would handle the take over and new trilogy, worried that their beloved franchise would be dwindled down to appease only kids. Through a thorough search for the perfect person to helm the new trilogy, Disney came up with three distinct choices. One was Brad Bird, best known for his work on The Incredibles and also Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, eventually scheduling conflicts forced the director to step down from the opportunity. Kick-Ass franchise director Matthew Vaughn was also considered and even did some pre-production work on the film. He was let go due to differences with the direction he wanted to go and the direction Disney was looking to get into. Finally after much convincing, director J.J. Abrams stepped in to take over the franchise and has been doing so ever since.

Star Wars Episode VII has stared production, new details that have been revealed, plot and casting has still been kept relatively quiet to this point. What we seem to know for sure is that the film will be a follow the events of Return of the Jedi and takes place 30-years later after the events in the film. When asked why the delay in starting production, Abrams stated that he needed to make sure the script was as solid as possible, he was intent on perfecting the script first and then start shooting.

With casting, the little that is known, which is gigantic news in the Star Wars fandom, is that most of the original cast members will return to once again reprise the roles they left behind 30-years ago. Mark Hamill and  Carrie Fisher have actually been on a strict diet for over a year and have been constantly attending stunt coordination courses to help them better portray the iconic characters. Harrison Ford is also set to return along with Billy Dee Williams to also reprise their roles. The greatest robotic friendship of them all, C-3PO and R-2D2 have also been rumored to make an appearance.

Now that Star Wars Episode VII has started production, new details have been revealed, fans of the galaxy far, far away are tremendously eager to see new photos and maybe even a teaser trailer at the most. J.J. Abrams and Disney have their hands full with this new franchise, lets all hope this time they stray away from the likes of one Jar-Jar Binks. Till then and always, may the force be with you.

Opinion by: Miguel A. Tamayo