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The Walking Dead

Telltale Games’s hit game based off of Robert Kirkman’s comic series and AMC show The Walking Dead was originally released on last generation’s consoles, the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Plans are now in motion for a Game of The Year edition release for players to enjoy on their newer consoles. The game will come with all episodes from the original, as well as the downloadable content that was released for it. Fans of the series will certainly enjoy the familiar faces from the main series that pop up through the adventures of the main characters Lee and Clementine. Unlike most games that take place in some sort of zombie apocalypse setting, The Walking Dead relies more heavily on player choices during crucial moment, and reactions in brief quick-time events to further the story. Decisions and actions carry over into later chapters and episodes of the game, offering high replay value for players who want to see every possible outcome. Hopefully, players that elect to purchase The Walking Dead‘s new Game of The Year edition for new consoles will get to see the game truly presented for the latest generation of consoles.

For owners of newer consoles, this release is great news, given the somewhat sparse library of games available for the current generation at the moment. However, for those that are waiting for the selection to improve before moving on to the newest generation of consoles, this re-release likely means absolutely nothing, as they likely own the game already. Some of the more harsh critics may use the term “cash grab,” but the The Walking Dead‘s release on newer consoles is not a bad thing, in spite of the redundancy of putting a game out twice. Telltale has been relatively silent with regards to this release and has not given word on what improvements will be made for the games on the newer consoles. Given the game’s art style, players can hope for higher resolution and a solution to the slight frame rate issues that were present in the original release. The addition of the downloadable content in the package also sweetens the deal a bit, especially when one considers the very generous price tag of $30 on a game for the latest consoles. The PS4 and Xbox One editions will be released June 17.

The latest generation of consoles has been progressing rather slowly, and neither of the two big consoles (the Xbox One and Playstation 4) have  absolute “must play” games that truly reflect “next generation.” Although The Walking Dead is certainly innovative in its own right, and does provide a quality experience for anyone looking for a healthy narrative in a video game, the game is still a last generation game, and a port to new consoles does not change that. With the latest generation about to hit the half year mark, gamers are likely going to demand more than re-releases and games shared with the previous generation. Although this generation is shaping up to have the longest lifespan yet, a console is nothing without proper games to back it up. The addition of The Walking Dead to the roster will help, but there is a burning need for something new for the latest generation consoles that game will not satisfy.


Opinion by Michael Foster


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