Trick Daddy Proves ‘I’m a Thug’

Trick Daddy

Maurice Young, otherwise known as Dirty South Miami rapper Tricky Daddy, was arrested at his home Thursday and charged with drug and firearm possession and was also cited for having an invalid driver’s license. As reports are filing in, Trick Daddy seems to have behaved fairly well in the face of adversity, yet still carried the torch and was unable to disprove “I’m a thug” to all in attendance.

It only took the police four hours to acquire the proper search warrant that could get them into rapper’s house. Once deputies were inside, they found a 9mm Sig Sauer P220 handgun slipped under a pillow and a gram of cocaine displayed on a nightstand. A box of ammunition was also found in the household. Trick was arrested, charged, then released from Broward County jail early Friday on a $6,100 bond.

Trick’s southern rap has been compared to the likes of 2 Live Crew frontman, Luther Campbell, who was a big player in Trick’s start-up days. In 1996, a year before Trick’s first album was released, Campbell had the aspiring thug featured on one of his tracks, a notable stepping stone for any up-and-coming rap artists of the time. Trick is said to have officially debuted on the scene in 1997 with his first full-length album Based on a True Story, but his history does not end there.

Trick Daddy proceeded to release seven more albums, most likely proving himself with hit singles such as I’m a Thug, Take It to Da House, Thug Holiday, and Tuck Ya Ice, some of which earned him a spot on Billboard Magazine’s top 100 lists. Contemporaries and collaborators of the artist would include the likes of Pitbull, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Cee Lo Green, DJ Lil Jon, Ludacris, and legend Ozzie Osbourne even responded to a favor and lent the rapper some of his rock riffs.

Trick Daddy even had a stint in the movie bizz with his role as a shifty drug dealer in Just Another Day. Yet, his brush with success could not keep the little thug-in-ator from brushing up against the law. Prior to his break into the scene, in 1991 the young man was found guilty of cocaine possession and carrying a concealed weapon. Trick seems to be a big fan of cocaine and handguns, considering his arrest on Thursday was literally for the exact same convictions. Trick was a slave to system for two years following his 1991 arrest serving time in a Florida State prison. Ten years later, Trick threatened to kill a man after a basketball game, which resulted in an assault charge. The most recent charge prior to Thursday’s incident was from 2007, when he received a citation for disorderly intoxication and resisting arrest after a thug-like brawl outside of Tootsie’s Cabaret.

According to the affidavit, this time around Broward County Drug Force stopped the 40-year-old rapper in his two-door coupe Thursday while he was leaving the premises and requested that he step out of the vehicle. Officers told him they had a “sniff warrant”– a judge appointed document which allows police to use dogs to search outside a home. Trick complained about the warrant, until the officers pointed out that he was driving with a suspended license.

“He confirmed he was aware and asked if it was in reference to child support payments,” the police report stated. Following the discovery of the invalid license, Trick consented and let the officers enter his 4,100 square foot Miramar home, but then changed his mind after the police entered.

While officers were on his premises, Trick humbled himself and owned up to the police about being a convicted felon, with prior arrests including trafficking narcotics, and possession of cocaine and ammunition by a convicted felon, and he admitted to having cocaine and possibly marijuana in his home, although he claimed there was no grow house, but without the proper warrant, the officers could not enter. Police left Trick’s premises at this point, only to return a few hours later.

It is unclear if Trick  thought he would have more time to hide his stash before the police returned, or if he slid back out of his driveway to finish his errands, or if he settled in for a little nap, but whatever the case, Trick failed to conceal the incriminating evidence and once again finds himself in a hot seat. “I’m a thug?” Oh, it has been proven. No doubt about it, Mr. Trick Daddy. Thug 4 Life.

Opinion By Stacy Feder


Miami Herald

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