Ultimate Warrior Died of Heart Attack

Ultimate Warrior

The cause of death of former pro wrestler has been revealed, The Ultimate Warrior died of a heart attack. World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) star The Ultimate warrior passed away at the age of 54, just a few days after he got accepted into the WWE Hall of fame. The officials confirmed that he died due to natural causes and that there was no sign of any foul play. They also said that there was no alcohol or drugs in his body. On Monday, April 14, Maricopa County Medical Examiner confirmed that Warrior’s death was caused by atherosclerosis cardiovascular disease.

James Hellwig aka The Ultimate Warrior, collapsed when he was leaving Hotel in Arizona with his wife and was on his way to his car. Even though he was taken to a hospital immediately, doctors could not help him anymore. The Ultimate Warrior suffered a massive heart attack and died. News about Warrior’s death surprised his numerous fans all around the world, his colleagues and friends. They all wanted to pay respect to the legendary wrestler and thereby numerous messages of condolence flooded social networks. Hulk Hogan, one of Warrior’s biggest competitors wrote: “RIP Warrior. Only love. HH.” Warrior and Hogan were stars of their time. Dave Meltzer, founder of The Wrestling Observer web site, said that Warrior was one of the biggest sport stars.

WWE official website wrote that The  Ultimate Warrior started his career in 1987 and ended it in 1998. He quickly became one of the biggest wrestling stars in the entire WWE history. His biggest achievement was in 1990 when he defeated Hulk Hogan in epic fight on WrestleMania VI in Toronto. The event took place in SkyDome Hall and had almost 70 thousand viewers. “We are glad that before he died, The Warrior got the chance to deservedly become a part of the WWE Hall of Fame, to attend WrestleMania 30 and the Night RAW. This way, he was able to reunite with his fans for the last time. We are deeply saddened to learn that one of the biggest and most iconic Superstars of WWE ever, has passed away. WWE is sending sincere condolences to his family, friends and fans,”WWE wrote on their website. The Warrior left behind a grieving wife Dana and two daughters, 11 and 13 years old.

Warrior could be described as “perfect archetype of power and the intensity” and also as one of the most committed and physically impressive competitors that has ever appeared in the wrestling ring. But The Ultimate Warrior is far from being the only wrestler who died from a heart attack. Two years ago, Randy Savage, aka Macho Man, also died due to heart attack, as did his wife Miss Elizabeth, Andre the Giant and The British Bulldog. With Warrior’s death, the curse of deaths due to heart attack among wrestlers continues. Many people are wondering whether wrestling itself causes heart diseases and results in death due to heart failure. Nevertheless, The Warrior was one of the biggest stars in wrestling and will be forever remembered by his fans.

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