Adobe Systems Has New Storyteller App for iPad [Video]

adobeFor the longest time, Power Point presentations were the main way of getting a point across to larger number of people. Whether it was a school presentation or a business proposal, the tools that most presenters used were the Power Point program and a device that allowed them to move their slides forward and backward.  Adobe Systems has a new storyteller app for iPad users that they claim is very simple to use. The new application called Adobe Voice and it is currently free to download on the Apple Store.

Adobe Systems has a new storyteller app, and they hope that it will simplify the process of getting a point across. The new app works by the user holding down the record button that appears on their iPad screen and speaking a key word or phrase. Once the user’s voice is recorded they are given a myriad of pictures and animated images to choose from. The images are meant to accompany the presenter  by reinforcing their message with a relevant image. Once they speak their previously mentioned key word or phrase the image appears alongside the presenter’s chosen text.

There is also a large number of music files that come pre-programmed into the application. The music can be used for a variety of situations and the Adobe Voice program automatically takes care of leveling out the sound so that the file gives out even more of a professional feel to everyone who is present. The Adobe program comes with another option known as story starters. The story starter helps users figure out what the focus is in their presentation and assists them with building a solid base for their work.

Adobe Voice also comes with example videos installed for those who wish to see what can come from the program and consistent practice and use. The program may be simple to use, but it is comes with examples of other finished products in order for new to find a way to make a presentation that much better.

When the time comes for the presentation to close, Adobe has placed a credits and attributions page. The page comes automatically at the end of every presentation and provides citation for the icons that were used in the presentation, thus helping the presenter avoid issues with usage rights.

The Adobe System has launched this new storytelling app for iPad users with the main selling point being the human voice and its ability to tell a story. The company released a video which describes the capabilities of the application and how to use the product in conjunction with the user’s own voice to make their stories come to life and give more meaning to the people who are listening.

The application is available now and can downloaded for free from the Apple store. It has already proven to be very useful to students and people in the business field. The Adobe Voice application is a simple option to use in the creation of a professional looking project. The program is definitely an valuable tool for those who wish to get a strong point across and make sure their message is heard.

By Mike White

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