American Idol 1 of 5 Voted Off Top 5 Becomes Fantastic 4 (Review & Videos)

American Idol 1 of Vote Voted Off Top 5 Becomes Fantastic 4 (Review & Videos)
American Idol tonight is just a half-hour long, but it’s a Must See episode, as we will learn which of the five remaining performers left on the show gets voted off, and which four will be moving on to next week. Also, there will be great music, as always, and it’s a sure thing that it will be a great episode!

Ryan Seacrest, host of American Idol, says right at the start of the episode that there will be “an unfortunate turn of events” that happens tonight. Whatever it is “could be a game-changer” as he puts it; then, he introduced the three American Idol judges, Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, and Harry Connick Junior.

Harry: ‘I’m so proud of you all. You’ve done an amazing job.”

Then, we saw the remaining five competitors eating their dinners and discussing what happened last night, and how each of them did. Sam says “it’s crazy how the table seems to get smaller and smaller each week.” It seems like that, because each week, someone gets ent home because they receive the fewst amounts of votes from you, America.

After a commercial break, American Idol returns, and Ryan Seacrest introduces a recurring bit where the competitors drive around in a car and chat. This week, it’s about a party, and they have a great time when they get to it.

Keith Urban is the first performer of the evening, with a song from his album Fuse, called “Good Thing .” He has the audience into it and clapping and cheering right from the very start of the song! They stand as he sings, and even Ryan and J-Lo are bobbing their heads along with the music.  Besides singing a great song, Keith lays down some hot licks on his electric guitar, as well.  The audience gives him a standing ovation, as American Idol goes to its second commercial break of the show.

When American Idol comes back, Ryan asks J-Lo and Harry if they “have any feedback for Keith.” J-Lo says “He’s so cute.” Then, we see a brief recap of last night, and heard Randy Jackson’s comments, before we heard the results of America’s voting.

Ryan said that they, the judges, ” have  a dramatic proposal for all of you.” meaning the competitors left. The remaining five performers will vote, and they can decide that one of them goes, or that none of them goes; but if none of them goes, two will be going home next week.”

The Idols left on American Idol showed their results after another commercial break. There were three “Yes” votes and two “No” ones. Ryan said that the contestant who leaves American Idol tonight is Sam Woolf! Sam sings on the stage one more time, his farewell song, and he exits the season gracefully, with dignity.

Sam did a great job singing his farewell song, and the audience and remaining four American Idol finalists clapped their hands as he sang. The judges gave him a standing ovation, as well as the audience. Randy Jackson come up and gave Sam a hug as the credits rolled, and said some words to him, probably along the lines that “this isn’t and end for you, it’s just a beginning.” Sam did a fantastic job this season, and will probably have recording companies knocking a this door soon, if they haven’t been already, to sign him up.

What did you think about tonight’s short half-hour episode of American Idol, America? Did you think that it was time for Sam to go, or do you believe that a different American Idol finalist should have gone home before him? Please leave your comments below, watch American Idol next week, and come beck to read another Recap/Review here!


Written by: Douglas Cobb

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  1. Devian   May 2, 2014 at 6:34 am

    Like i was said during the top 10.. jessica and alex in the final.. almost…..

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