American Idol Three Finalists Perform (Review & Videos)

On American Idol, there are just three performers left, Caleb Johnson, Alex Preston Jena Irene. They will be singing two new songs chosen by the judges and one by their in-house mentor Randy Jackson, while the third song will be a reprisal of a previous performance, selected by the finalists’ hometowns. It’s the 500th episode ever of American Idol!

Ryan Seacrest, the host of American Idol, began the show by saying “In just 7 days, the winner of American Idol Season 13 will be named!” Then, Ryan introduced the three Finalists, Caleb, Alex, and Jena, who joined him onstage. Caleb has bronchitis and sinusitis, but he has been cleared to perform tonight, which is good news.

Next, Ryan introduced the three judges of American Idol, Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick, Junior. Ryan said Round 1 will be Randy’s Picks, Round 2 will be the Judges’ Picks, and Round 3 will be the Performers’ Hometown Picks.

We got to see each of the three American Idol Finalists arrive at their hometowns and be greeted by their fans. After that, Ryan introduced the group The Chainsmokers, who performed their hit song, “Selfie.” They had the audience jumping, and J-Lo took part in the dance, as well. Ryan said “Send us your Selfies!” and we heard Carrie Underwood thank American Idol for all the show has done in launching her career. Then, the show went to its first commercial break of the evening.

Back on American Idol first up was Caleb. Randy Jackson talked about his reasoning for choosing the song he choose for Caleb. He’ll be singing “Never Tear Us Apart” by INXS. Caleb sounded AWESOME, as usual — he seems to have shaken off whatever health issues he was experiencing. He ROCKED THIS SONG OUT! Randy was bobbing his head to the song — it was fierce and incredible! The audience gave him a standing ovation, of course.

Keith: “Randy, great call on that song! You’ve got a blues feel to your voice. It was a really good job tonight.”

J-Lo: “The truth is, you on your worst night is better than most people on their good nights.”

Harry: “That song kind of forces you to work within your confines. My only concern is that you don’t hurt yourself tonight. Anyway, nice job!”

Randy: “I think it was a great job, dude!”

Ryan talked with the judges, and Keith said his wife was alone at the Cannes Film Festival, and he’s like to be with her, but chose to be on American Idol. We next heard Phillip Phillips, another past winner on American Idol, congratulating the show on its 500th episode and thanking it for helping launch his career; then, the show went to another commercial break.

After the break, Randy Jackson talked about how he chose a song for Alex Preston to sing. He chose “Pompeii” by Bastille, a newer song that is a smash hit. Alex made the song his OWN, playing the guitar, and even drumming a bit! J-Lo really seemed to love the song, and everyone int he audience stood for the entire song, and clapped their hands above their heads. AMAZING!

J-Lo: “Alex, Alex — I see what you’re doing, Alex! When you picked the drumsticks up and did the percussion, then went over to the crowd — that was a different Alex! Congratulations!

Harry: “It was a young, hip song, and gave me an idea of how you’ll be as a performer. Nice job!”

Keith: “There were a few shaky bits, but despite that, the coolest moment is when you went to the drums and sang. You were in the zone! Great call on the song selection, Randy!”

Ryan asked him if going home had given him any kind of a boost, and Alex said, yes, it was fun.

Randy: “That idea with the drums was his. I thought it was DOPE, man!”

Ryan said “Now, we’ll get on with Jena here.” he asked Randy what song he chose for her, and Randy said “Titanium.” She will sing it right after another commercial break.

Back from the break, Jena sang “Titanium” The audience clapped as she sang, right from the very beginning of the song. There were great light effects on the stage as Jena sang — she TORE THE SONG UP! The audience were pumped, jumping up and down as she sang.

Harry: “Songs aren’t all about high notes. That’s so in your alley — that’s nothing for you. You killed all of those important notes. You did a good job.”

Keith: “You have such a great balance being being a KILLER and inspiring performer. A really good job tonight!”

J-Lo: “You hit all of the high notes and that was awesome. The beginning, to me, felt a little shaky. It is what it is. For me, it wasn’t your best, but the song we picked for you, I know you’re going to murder.”

Randy: “By the middle of the song, I think you nailed it. From the Boot Camp to now, you’ve grown by leaps and bounds. You’re ready, you’re ready!”

Ryan said that was it for Round 1, and Round 2, Judges’ Picks, would start next, with Caleb singing, after another commercial break.

The judges spoke with Caleb after last week’s show, and discussed the song they chose to give him. They selected “Demons” by Imagine Dragons for him — cool!

Caleb started off the song sort of low, possibly because his throat is still hurting him. but, he then proceeded to hit some pretty high notes, and his voice grew louder as the song prgressed. He’s really a trooper — he KICKED BUTT on this excellent song.

Keith: “I was so feeling for you with that voice. It’s our Ahcilles’ Heel, as singers You KILLED that song!”

J-Lo: ‘You’ll recover — you’ll be fine. I have to say, it makes you have to rely on other things. You started singing the emotions of the song, and you hit it, right in the middle. You sang it from your soul.”

Harry: “What kind of record would you make, in a sentence or two?”

Caleb: “All originals, but influenced heavily by rock classics.” Great job, Caleb! Two down, just one more to go!

Ryan said that after the commercials, the judges have a curve ball for Alex. what could he be referring to? We’ll know in a few minutes!

The judges chose “Stay” by Rihanna for him to sing. Alex did a FANTASTIC job singing it! However, I just caught the first part of the performance, before we had a power failure, that lasted until his final comments — so, by “FANTASTIC,” I mean the little I head of the song right at the start of it. Then, American Idol went to yet another commercial break.

Alex said, when the show came back, that “I just wanted to do as much with the song as I could.”

All of the American Idol Top 13 were there with Ryan, and he announced that next week, we’d get to hear them perform with famous singers — that sounds like it will be really great to see.

Then, we heard the judges talking with Jena after last week’s show, and Harry said he thinks it’s the perfect song for her. She opened the envelope when she got to her hometown. The song she’ll be singing is “Heart Attack” by Demi Lovatto.

Jean KICKED OUT THE JAMS with this song, bringing a lot of attitude to it. She did a TERRIFIC job singing it, and her voice soared to the rafters, as the audience clapped along.

Harry: “You know what’s so great about what you do? You bring an originality to every song you sing. What will you be like on stage?”

Jena: “I’d be all over the place, connecting with the audience.”

Keith: “Your pitch, your range — I don’t know where it ends!”

J-Lo: “You felt very loose, in control — you did great with that! That’s my Jena!” Ryan told Jena that Demi will be at the Finale, and will perform with her and the other girls. Caleb will be starting off Round 3, the Performers’ Hometown Picks, after still more commercials on American Idol.

Ryan said that we’re at the final round of the show. The mayor of Aspen announced the song Caleb will be performing, “Dazed and Confused” by Led Zeppelin, which he sang earlier in the season and ROCKED OUT! Caleb does the same tonight, also — he found it in him to NAIL this song! All of the judges stood up the entire song, as did the audience — J-Lo pumped her fist int he air and jumped up and down at one point. IT WAS AMAZING! He got a sustained standing ovation that lasted a couple of minutes — then, the audience started chanting his first name!

Keith: “That was a moment of miraculous healing!”

J-Lo: “That was a true Idol Moment! That was RIDICULOUS!”

Harry: “That was absolutely FANTASTIC!”

Ryan: “Well done, by Caleb! Next, we’ll hear what the hometown of Alex Preston has chosen for him to sing, right after the next commercial break!”

At home in Mont Vernon, New Hampshire, Alex learned that he will be singing “Story of My Life” once again. He NAILED it the first time he sang it, and he NAILED it tonight, as well! The audience clapped along as he sang. He held them in the palms of his hands — Alex always does a fantastic job, and this time was no different, in that regard.

J-Lo: “It’s so hard — all of you are so amazing!”

Harry: “I don’t know anybody who doesn’t love that song.”

Jena will be singing next on American Idol and we’ll hear what her hometown in Michigan has selected for her to sing after more commercials.

The song they chose was “Creep” by Radiohead — arguably, her best performance of the season. She ROCKS THE CRAP out of the song! She needed a strong performance to end with, and this was it! Her voice is PERFECT for this song — did she do good enough to knock Alex out of contention, though? Alex has had a great show tonight….

Harry: “Something happens when you sit behind the piano — it might be even better than the first time you sang it. That was terrific, and we’ve seen some amazing things tonight.”

Keith: “You SO belong here. Your progress has been mind-blowing. This is exactly what American Idol is about.”

J-Lo: “It was briliant. I feel like you will be so hard to beat!”

At the end of American Idol, a special cake to celebrate the 500th episode of American Idol was brought out onto the stage, and everyone involved with the show came onto the stage to share the moment. Confetti rained down from the ceiling — yum, confetti-flavored cake!

Tomorrow night it will be the Results Show on American Idol, and we’ll get to see which two of the three finalists will go on to next week’s show. The episode will only be a half-hour long, but it’s sure to be a good one!

Tonight had some of the season’s best performances yet on American Idol, despite Caleb having problems with bronchitis and sinusitis. Alex also had some very powerful performances, and might have even had the edge on Jena until she sang “Creep,” which could have been enough to carry her to the Final Two. What are your thoughts, America? Who do you think will be the Final Two?

Written by: Douglas Cobb