Boko Haram Kill 28 in Three Attacks

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Boko Haram continues its reign of terror in Nigeria, killing 28 people in three separate attacks. In what is becoming a regular pattern, the militants from Boko Haram, attacked three villages in northern Nigeria, killing 28 people and razing the houses. This violent pattern has now become a daily occurrence according to the police, survivors and the eyewitnesses. The three attacks were reported on Thursday in Borno’s remote regions, where the Boko Haram are waging a religious war that started with the abduction of over 200 Christian Nigerian girls.

Of the three attacks that occurred, one was reported near Chibok, by the border near Cameroon near the same place the girls were abducted, sparking an international war on the terrorist group. Kerenua near the Niger border reported the deadliest attack with scores of gunmen opening fire, killing 20 of the residents and burning the houses to the ground. According to Reuters, the latest attack raised the death toll to 450 civilians since the abduction of the school girls in April. 118 people were killed in an attack in the central city of Jos on Tuesday, while two were killed in the capital city, Abuja. The city of Jos reported that of many bodies were not claimed because they were not identified, but of the casualties, seven were reported to be medical students. Phone signals from unnamed sources tracked the militants to Niger, suggesting that the attacks may have been directed from there.

The third attack occurred in Kubur Viu, a small village near Chibok, where five people were killed. Residents feared that the Boko Haram may return to strike the villages as the military is unable to protect these people from the surprise attacks. In another village Kimba, police reported the deaths of  three civilians by the militants. The attacks by Boko Haram in three different places brought the total count to 28 civilians, as the survivors recounted the stories in absolute grief.

On Saturday, the Nigerian president Jonathan Goodluck held discussions with neighboring African countries in South Africa, on effective ways to tackle the Boko Haram militants. The Boko Haram insurgents have killed thousands of people, targeting mainly Christian residents, in their five-year reign of terror. The threat in Africa’s top oil producer Nigeria is now slowly spreading to the whole region and is a threat to national security in Africa.

The attacks in Borno state, Nigeria started in 2009, when Boko Haram attacked officials and the security forces after a launching an uprising in the region. Civilians turned vigilantes when they joined the efforts by the government to root the group on Goodluck’s orders. With help coming from the U.K., U.S., France and China, Nigeria has started to make efforts to rescue the girls. Almost 80 troops from the U.S. were deployed in Chad, on a mission to save the abducted girls.

Mike Ozekhome, a lawyer and delegate at the ongoing National Conference, advised the federal government in Nigeria to negotiate with Boko Haram. Maiduguri is still under a siege of terror and the Nigerian city is hoping that the attacks will cease now that international help is on the way. The residents will not step outside their homes citing unexpected attacks, while the city mourns for the 28 people killed in three separate attacks by Boko Haram militants.

By Rathan Paul Harshavardan

News 24
The Sun