Breaking Bad Movie Could Include Walter White?

Breaking Bad

Actor Bryan Cranston, who played Walter White on Breaking Bad, has many fans excited about the possibility of a new movie. Cranston teased during a recent interview that he was not even sure that Walter White really died, because no one saw a body bag.

Cranston recently sat down for an interview with CNN and spoke ambiguously about his thoughts about Walter White’s ending. When asked point blank by the interviewer if Walter White really died at the end of the finale, Cranston said he didn’t know several times. The actor then commented that there was never a scene with a body bag being rolled away, with Walter White inside.

Fans have been vocal about the ending, some satisfied and some disappointed. However, they are united in the feeling that Breaking Bad needs to return with more stories, even if it is as a movie, and it needs to include Walter White. When asked by the interviewer if the show was really finished for good, Cranston laughed and said never say never.

Cranston might just be saying this to get fans curious about the spinoff to Breaking BadBetter Call Saul, which will be more of a dark comedy. At the end of Breaking Bad, fans saw lawyer Saul on the run and beginning to create a new life. This new series will follow Saul years before the Breaking Bad story. Several of the cast members from Breaking Bad said they would be excited to be on the show. The series will also be set in Albuquerque, New Mexico and it will be released later in 2014.

Although Cranston is teasing fans about the finality of Walter Whites death, the writers from the show believe that the show has reached its conclusion. Writer Thomas Shcnauz said that many of the questions from fans is if the show really ended and then they urge him to make more. Shcnauz said the writers of the popular show agreed to never force the characters to go somewhere that was unnatural. Shcnauz confirmed that he also felt that Walt took the show to the end of the road.

Since the series ended, many fans have mourned the loss of Walt. Fans in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where the show was filmed, even held a mock funeral for the character. However, Cranston has moved on from the show and remains busy working. The actor recently starred in the popular summer film Godzilla.

Cranston may have simply been joking, but fans everywhere are ready to jump on the bandwagon and bring Walt back. Cranston said that Walter White was the character of a lifetime and he was happy to be able to showcase his acting skills and talents playing him. Cranston said that when he first read the script, he knew that this character would change entire career of the actor fortunate enough to play him. Although AMC has confirmed the new series spinoff to Breaking Bad, they have not confirmed a movie, or the possibility that Walter White might still be alive.

By Sara Petersen

Daily Mail