Carrie Underwood Gets a Motorcycle From Miranda Lambert

Underwood Lambert

Miranda Lambert was so happy that Carrie Underwood agreed to perform a song with her, that she gave the American Idol winner a brand new motorcycle as a thank you present. Even though Underwood does not know how to drive her new motorcycle, the singer tweeted that she was excited to start taking lessons.

The relationship started when Lambert reached out to Underwood to help her preform her new song Something Bad, live on stage at the Billboard Music Awards on May 18. This song is from Lambert’s fifth country album, titled Platinum. The country singer says she named it Platinum because it is the color of her hair, her airstream, her wedding ring, and also the name of one of her favorite beers.

The album has 16 songs and it is humorous and also includes a nod to girl-power. It was fitting then that Lambert wanted to include Underwood to sing the song with her. Lambert says that it was a big deal to get Underwood to sing with her and it took her forever to actually type out the email because she wanted to get it right. Lambert compares it to having a crush on someone and not wanting to make a mistake.

It took a week for Underwood to get back to Lambert and this made the country singer even more nervous. Lambert even recalls telling her husband, Blake Shelton, that she thought Underwood hated her and the song, and was going to refuse to sing with her. However, all the nerves were for nothing, because when Underwood finally responded, it was an enthusiastic “lets do it.”

Underwood LambertLambert’s girl crush also got the best of her in the studio. The country singer told her husband that she was in over her head and so nervous because she respected Underwood so much. Lambert admitted that she was worried about hitting the high notes that Underwood can sing so well. The pairing of the two voices worked so well, and Miranda Lambert was so happy with the outcome, that she gifted Carrie Underwood with a motorcycle.

Perhaps Lambert chose the motorcycle because she likes the dark side of Underwood’s personality. Lambert said she wanted the Before He Cheats attitude in Carrie to come across in their song. Underwood tweeted a picture of herself on the new motorcycle, with no make-up, natural hair, and bare feet. Fans went crazy with compliments, saying that Underwood was a biker babe and that she looks really good on a “hog”.

Carrie Underwood was also excited about her new motorcycle from Miranda Lambert, and the American Idol singer tweeted that it wasn’t everyday you got a motorcycle from a friend. The motorcycle was estimated to cost Lambert anywhere from 10K to 30K. That is one nice thank you present. Underwood also tweeted that her next stop was motorcycle lessons. No word yet on if Lambert also bought herself a bike, or if the two county singers are going to take lessons together.

By Sara Petersen

Yahoo News

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