Castle: Veritas Closure for Beckett Before the Season Finale

*Contains Spoilers*

Castle: Veritas Closure for Beckett Before the Season Finale
Castle, Veritas as the penultimate episode before the season finale was another of those segments where it looks like Beckett may just bite the bullet but instead finds closure at last. Kate has had a couple of episodes in this season where she’s been the focus of more serious plot lines. Actress Stana Katic shows yet again just how powerful those acting chops are. Not only can this actress do comedy, she can knock the socks off drama as well.

Nathan Fillion takes a back seat once again to allow Stana the limelight. In this episode, Kate has been following up on her mother’s murderer again, and shadowing Jason Marks and decides not to tail the black car that picks him up. While talking to Castle she gets a call from work and goes down to find that a body found in the alley is Marks.

It turns out that Jason was probably killed by the drug lord Vulcan Simmons from In the Belly of the Beast. When Simmons is brought in for questioning Captain Gates sends Kate home and takes her off the case. Following the news that the drug lord was released due to lack of evidence, Beckett goes searching for the car that Vulcan was seen in with the victim Jason Marks.

She confronts Simmons in the warehouse where she finds the car. Later, a sleeping Rick is woken by a call from Esposito who asks him if Kate is there. She is not and Esposito tells Castle to tell her she’s back on the case as someone has killed Vulcan.

Simmons was murdered in a way that makes Kate look guilty. After finding a bullet from her gun in the body Captain Marcus Donovan comes to arrest Beckett. She gets out before he can cuff her. Beckett then ends up in her final confrontation with Presidential candidate hopeful Senator William H. Bracken, the man who murdered her mother.

In Castle: Veritas Kate Beckett finally gets some much needed closure in her mother’s murder just before the season’s finale. After finding out that Smith, who was thought to have died in the hospital, is still alive; Ryan, Esposito and Castle attempt to make contact with the one man who can help Kate.

Smith makes contact with Castle as he and Kate leave the hospital where they were trying to find him. The “dead man” tells the two that there is a tape that Senator Bracken is terrified of which apparently still exists but no one can find it.

This episode, while nowhere near as white knuckle as In the Belly of the Beast, shows just how focussed, tough and determined this woman is. Considering that next week’s show deals with the long awaited marriage and seems to be pretty much comedy driven, this was a good build up to remind viewers just how hard Beckett is to kill. It also serves to show just how loyal her colleagues and friends are on the force.

Certainly it seems like Kate will die in this show, but that is underestimating the character. Castle: Veritas gives Beckett another chance of closure and shows just what she is capable of. Along the lines of “Beast” this episode was a real Stana Katic tour de force that shows once again just how talented this lady is.

By Michael Smith