Creation Museum’s Ken Ham Challenges Pat Robertson to Debate

Creation Museum
The Creation Museum’s Ken Ham has challenged Pat Robertson to a debate, claiming Robertson has compromised the “Word of God.” Robertson, televangelist, founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), and host of The 700 Club, reportedly conceded that the biblical inerrancy of Genesis might not in fact be the case. Specifically, Robertson has come out saying that it is not likely that the world is only 6,000 years old in light of the wealth of evidence that suggests otherwise. In response, Ham accused Robertson of compromising the “Word of God.”

The news has given many outsiders quite the shock, especially those who assume that fundamentalist Christians all fall under an umbrella term and have the same beliefs. Additionally, this has not been the only publicity that Ham and the Creation Museum have received as of late. Just yesterday it was announced that the museum would open a new exhibit showcasing an Allosaurus bone as part of the narrative that dinosaurs were present during the Great Flood.

The Kentucky-based Creation Museum is backed by the apologetic ministry, Answers in Genesis (AiG), teaches what is known as Young Earth creationism, and is known for displaying dinosaurs with saddles as part of their illustration that human beings coexisted with dinosaurs. The intention behind this was to align the AiG’s biblical timeline with archaeological evidence that supported the existence of dinosaurs. The main difference between the archaeological evidence and AiG: time. The AiG suggests that dinosaurs lived less than 10,000 years ago, whereas archaeological evidence says the last dinosaurs lived around 60 million years ago.

Pat Robertson has not always been forthcoming with his views on the age of the earth, at least not his view contra the biblical inerrancy of Genesis. His recent statement on the issue, and what AiG sympathizers are referring to as Robertson’s continued attack on Young Earth creationism, has driven Ham to challenge the televangelist to a debate on The 700 Club. Ham’s supporters claim that Robertson, who contends that he receives divine prophecies, has given atheists more fuel to discount literal interpretations of Scripture. Robertson, on the other hand, has stated that it is “dumb” and “nuts” to continue believing Young Earth creationism.

Should Robertson agree to host Ken Ham on The 700 Club, it will be a unique opportunity for concerned parties. The proverbial flood of Creationism vs. Evolution debates spearheaded by icons such as Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson have been on the rise and have attracted the viewership of many, young and old. However, the degree of polarization between the creationists and evolutionists has made it difficult, from a debate-standpoint, to engage in constructive dialogue. If the two parties have no common ground on which to stand, the odds of a dialectic that approaches a single truth is less attainable. Both sides often walk away with the affirmation that their version is the truth on the matter. The debates have changed nothing.

The prospect of two fundamentalist Christians debating over the issue of Earth’s life age would undoubtedly be interesting. There would be more common ground shared between the two, and therefore more discussion that avoids polarities. Above all, it would allow both parties to address one another directly instead of from behind their respective protective curtains of a museum or a television show. It remains to be seen if Robertson will accept the challenge of Creation Museum’s Ken Ham to a debate.

Commentary by Courtney Anderson

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14 Responses to "Creation Museum’s Ken Ham Challenges Pat Robertson to Debate"

  1. Jim Romaine   September 10, 2014 at 11:00 pm

    There need not be any discrepancy between Scientific evidence and the Bible account of
    creation IF we can admit God’s concept of a creative event is different than the human concept of a creative event. Humans are time bound, so to us a creative event happens a some point in time as we perceive time. At that point in time a creative event brings into existence something new which then begins having a history.

    But it that how God creates? If God is timeless, then wouldn’t be possible that when God creates that event must be all human time inclusive. That is that the moment God creates something it has a now, past and future so it fits into a timeless existence.
    For example if God brought into existence a baseball traveling at 90 miles/hr then where it would be any time in the future and where it was any time in the past is part of the creative event.

    If this is how God creates then when the big creative event of the universe as the Bible records happened in our time about 6000 years or so ago, it came complete with a past, now, and future. So all the heavenly bodies were in place at the moment all moving in their orbits and where they were millions years before that event also came into existence as well as the future positions. We are time bound and can only see a very small part of the creative event of the Universe.

    With this concept so many things written in the Bible become understandable. With this concept we can have the biblical record of creation about 6000 years ago and we can also have a Universe that has a history of 13 billion years and no big bang is necessary. God just brought it all into existence , it’s past present and future, all of it.

  2. John Thomas   June 26, 2014 at 9:23 am

    first of all if you have studied worldly sciences lies about evolution, and all the guessing that has gone on with evolution, and all the achaelogical ideas that have been created with no proof. We can be sure that the bible hit the nail right on the head. There is no reason to doubt the bible and trust men who want their own ideas set in stone. I have a B.A. degree- so if I go into my backyard and find a fossil bone and tell you that it is 65 million years old–would people believe me? Probably so. The truth is No one knows how old that fossil is!

  3. Monte Vigh   June 15, 2014 at 8:23 pm

    “Archaeological evidence” does NOT “say” that the last dinosaurs lived around 60 million years ago. Archaeologists may interpret evidence to support that presupposition, but the evidence itself does not say such a thing. If you go to the Answers in Genesis site you will see that they give very good scientific explanations for how the same evidence that some people believe happened 60 million years ago, actually happened a lot more recently. No sacrifice of science is required to believe what Answers in Genesis teaches.

  4. timtimtims12   June 2, 2014 at 9:13 am

    you need more faith to believe in evolution then the Bible the history of the earth is recorded in the Bible, but evolution is all just a theory by man who is not perfect, but the Bible is written by God through man and God is perfect. No one was there to witness evolution, but the Bible is a history book.

  5. Courtney   May 29, 2014 at 11:19 am

    Thank you for your astute insight, Colin. Archaeology does have something to do with this if you are of the opinion that humans, therefore human activity, coincided with dinosaurs. If paleontology excludes the study of human activity and Ken Ham believes that human activity coincided with dinosaurs, then what term should I employ to remain honest to this man’s belief (regardless of my own views, of course)? I will be more careful to clarify the distinction in the future, but it seems that it would technically be incorrect to use either term in this instance in light that they are exclusive.

  6. Colin Row   May 29, 2014 at 7:44 am

    “The main difference between the archaeological evidence and AiG: time. The AiG suggests that dinosaurs lived less than 10,000 years ago, whereas archaeological evidence says the last dinosaurs lived around 60 million years ago.” …Um, archeology has nothing to do with this. Archeology is the study of HUMAN activity in the past. I think what the author means is Paleontology which is the study of past life and would include the fossil remains of dinosaurs. According to paleontology, the last of the dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago making old Hambo wrong by a factor of about 10,000.

  7. Robert Johnson   May 26, 2014 at 1:10 pm

    It’s strange that religions are supposed to get us closer to God or to give us a better understanding of God while denigrating God’s gift to us of innate reason. Our innate reason and hard work through science (the study of the Designer’s designs) make it possible for us to have in many cases REAL healing, allows us to fly and to even reach the Moon, allows us to have computers and televisions, etc., etc., etc. The clergy all promote man-made “faith” over innate God-given reason. That’s because reason will not accept the nonsense in the “holy” books, you have to take it on faith/not thinking. As the Deist Voltaire pointed out, faith is NOT necessary for belief in The Supreme Intelligence/God when he wrote, “What is faith? Is it to believe that which is evident? No. It is perfectly evident to my mind that there exists a necessary, eternal, supreme, and intelligent being. This is no matter of faith, but of reason.”

    Progress! Bob Johnson

  8. Frank Wolf   May 25, 2014 at 3:42 pm

    OK, just because he has a Allosaurus skeleton just how does this skeleton prove dinosaurs lived along side man; are there flensing marks on the bones, is there evidence the bones were cooked, are there gnawing marks that match human dentition, or…?

    When evidence is concocted anyone (well most anyway), can connect anything else with it, too: I’ve a pair of my grandmother’s shoes with a little mud on their soles, this is proof that my grandmother was first off the Ark when it came to rest after the flood…as an example.

    It’s so sad, and speaks badly for a supposedly mature, evolved intellect, when “adults” still cling to fairy tales portrayed as truth. Psychologists, et. al, call this willful ignorance, and, IMHO, the most harmful results from all this are all the wars, all the horrific killings of many-many millions of people believers in such stubborn, specious beliefs have and continue to cause the rest of us to endure.

    Please, get over yourself.

    But, then again, there’s a certain perverted charm to this kind of emotionally appealing crutch for god-addicts who refuse not to believe all kinds of their heinous behavior will get excused, “forgiven”, when afterwords, usually at the end of their life, all they have to do is accept as their personal savior…

    Where is the gene-set that needs either turning-on or turning-off so that the triggers for self-reliance and self-responsibility initialize thus giving that person the realization that he or she is the sole author of their own life, not some invisible, bearded, omnipotent cloud dweller…man, ever who originally thought that one up I want’a be smoke’n whatever he smoked. Nuff said.

  9. Ted   May 25, 2014 at 12:23 am

    Morons x2.

  10. Jay Lee   May 24, 2014 at 10:45 pm

    I think that Robertson would put Ham at a real disadvantage just by having mustard and poppy seeds on hand. Since Jesus said the bible was the smallest of seeds, having a smaller seed on hand would be a physical counterexample to Biblical literalism.

    I agree, it’s often instructive when you can get two fundamentalist Christians to talk about where they don’t agree. It reminds others that even if such people are united against things like evolution, they have absolutely no real alternative to present, just their opposition.

    • Jay Lee   May 24, 2014 at 10:48 pm

      Sorry, I meant “Jesus said the mustard seed was smallest,” not “the bible.”

  11. waynethefishman   May 24, 2014 at 9:30 pm

    How can the same God who walked on water, raised the dead, made limbs new and diseased bodies fresh again in the wink of an eye and who appeared out of nowhere as real as you and I and then disappear again after having physical contact and eating a meal with his disciples who had seen him killed and knew he was dead and now alive again, how can you then question the validity of His claims to have created the creation in the very manner that he said he did? Why do you doubt him? Yet you also believe that in less than the wink of an eye you will be taken up into the sky and transformed. So again why do you doubt the validity of Gods authority to say that he did what he did and in the time frame that he said he did it? This is truly at the very heart of our belief. A time is coming soon that this, the fourth generation will be handed over to the evil one. Christians in the world will soon be taken into captivity and with their faith tested in the most horrendous tribulation not unlike that of the holocaust, Gods threshing floor will be a place where every believer will need to rely upon all their faith. There will be no place for any doubt about Gods authority for many will fall away to fuel up the hell fires greater than the numbers who fell in the first two wicked generations, the natural consequence of following Darwin. God has sent a powerful illusion to the wicked at heart, do not follow them, do not doubt your faith in God, Pray that God will strengthen you so that you will stand in the time of trouble. The third generation proud, arrogant, self righteous, narcissists, they lead their children, the fourth generation to be haters of God also. They, the fourth generation, will devour the vulnerable among their own in their climb above the pack, feast with the insatiable appetite they have been given by their own parents. Look again at the creation God created by way of the words he has spoken. Revisit Gods word again and pray he will open your eyes to understand the knowledge gleaned from creation even by the worldly scientist who is made blind. Look again, now what do you see? What do you see that he cannot? God be with you and bless you in the coming months! It will also be a time of great salvation, the final revival before Christ returns. Help them to fuel their lamps and keep them lit. Not to fall asleep as their parents have done.

  12. Chesoupy   May 24, 2014 at 10:28 am

    I can just hear Ken Ham’s argument …”it’s in this book I have”.

  13. Philip Bruce Heywood   May 24, 2014 at 2:08 am

    Ken will say that the Bible says the Earth was set up in a week and the bible genealogies prove it is about 6,000 yrs old. The unfortunate person debating him will point out that the genealogies themselves prove no such thing and contain their own evidence that they are not intended to prove any such thing. He will also point out that the days can not possibly be 24 hr because for example trees grew to full maturity during one of them. Ken will imply that the other person is limiting God. Ken will say to the other person that he is undermining God.
    If the other person is P. Robertson, about all he can do is repeat his deaf, dumb, blind analogy? Or maybe pray and believe God that deaf dumb and blind doctrinal straightjackets will cease. Let’s hope and pray they do.
    Evolution? Bring on that debate any time, with the facts on the table. It won’t last half an hour. Neo-darwinism technically is dead. The religious ramification that Nature can create itself, can create novel species information, can induce dogs to give birth to cats in the common sense of ‘birth’, is totally bankrupt when it comes to explaining how granddad chimp gave birth to and reared Adam — and — wait for it (as Adam must theoretically have done — but how long?) –Eve. Magic, hokums, science illiteracy. All foreshadowed by the 19th Century experts such as Cuvier, R. Owen, Lord Kelvin etc.who had the debate back then, and gave clear indications as to how speciation happened. Those indications are now in general outline confirmed by scientific advance — and the Bible. You won’t hear about that from Nye or Tyson. Or Ham! The mysterious ‘Evolution’, excels science and history? Mere mortals may not intrude? Modern physics, information technology and genetics are all on the table. Ken and Pat? Obviously not their field. Ken, especially!


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