Five Philosophies for a Body Transformation


Becoming a Biggest Loser or Extreme Weight Loss style success story requires dedication, healthy eating habits and strenuous regular exercise. There are, however, five philosophies and strategies that anyone should adopt if they are looking to make their body transformation a real life changer. Honest rumination and deep soul searching are required. Visualizations can also aide in adopting these strategies.

Firstly, by accepting the large amounts of discomfort that will be inevitable, an individual can face any challenge put before them. Though comfort zones can be cozy, happy places, they are often traps for people who are unwilling to make real change happen in their lives. Visualize stepping out of that zone, lock the door and throw away the key. Now, visualize accepting the sweat, cravings, pain and embarrassment to come.

The second strategy to adopt is keeping negativity at bay. This will help in getting through some rough challenges. Physical transformations require a mental transformation. It is of vital importance to know that success will come and to believe that goals are achievable. Maintaining an optimistic attitude will seem impossible at times. When this happens, visualize doing a longed-for activity, something that has been impossible but will be possible once the weight is off. Carefully fill in all details, sights, smells, colors and the awesome feeling that will accompany the activity


The third one may take some time. Identifying the true motivations and reasons for a major transformation will help keep that positive attitude in place. By linking true passions and deep desires to the transformation, the new lifestyle will be a fixed and permanent change and not just a temporary lark. Visualize an onion and as each layer is peeled away, try digging deeper into the reasons this transformation is needed. Writing these down will help serve as a reminder for later reference at weak moments.

Fourth, being the hero of this transformation creates a real sense of responsibility to succeed. Each individual is wholly in charge of what happens in their own movie. By visualizing self-heroic feats of daring do, like flying in and pushing oneself along that obstacle course, the person going through the transformation becomes their own best friend. This is a self-empowerment toll that is vital to an individual’s ongoing success with their transformation.

Ultimately, when the weight is off, the onion is peeled and the individual has saved themselves it is time to go help others. The term “paying it forward” can be achieved in small everyday ways and in unique grand ways. The idea is to create a chain of success for everyone involved. Try visualizing ways that others helped and expand upon those.

By accepting discomfort, developing a positive attitude, identifying true motivations, becoming a self-hero and paying it forward, the chances of successfully making a major change will be greatly heightened. Visualizing success, passions and ways to be of service to others will help to maintain the weight loss as a permanent part of life. Add these five philosophies to any weight loss plan and watch the body transform.

By Stacy Lamy