Game of Thrones Changes a Good or Bad Thing?

Game of ThronesThe Game of Thrones show runners have made a number of changes from the books, but are they a good or bad thing for the show. For many of the book lovers, the changes have added something exciting and kept them guessing. However, there have been some people who are annoyed at the idea that so much could change.

For those who read the books when they first came out 13 years ago, the changes could been viewed as a good and bad thing. The main downside is the characters the book readers came to love have been changed, and could have been changed too much to remain the same.

Some of the biggest changes have been to the Stark children, along with Daenerys Targaeryn. They were made older in the show to make it more feasible and easier to work with. This has led to some problems when it comes to accepting the storylines and the decisions they have made.

Other characters that were designed to be hated or just not liked that much in the books have now become likeable and show fan favorites. However, some book lovers can feel cheated. It has led to character developments with others strange and inconsistent with the story-telling in the book. There have even been characters left out completely because of different characters becoming favorites and being left in the show.

Of course, the Game of Thrones changes can be seen as a good, as well as a bad, thing. In many cases, the lovers of the books have been left guessing. The changes give them something new, instead of feeling like they are wasting their time watching 35 episodes (so far) of something they read all those years ago. Instead of sitting smugly knowing every single event that will happen, they are left guessing at certain moments wondering how the show runners are going to portray certain storylines.

Another good part is that the show takes on a life of its own. The show runners have more ability to develop certain characters, and introduce new characters that were possibly in the side-lines or never mentioned in the stories.

Some of the changes in Game of Thrones have been necessary too. Much of the action happened “off-screen” in the books. Some of Robb Starks storylines were just hinted at later, and the same happened with Theon Greyjoy. In the show, everything could happen on-screen. It helped to develop characters further, and really follow their journeys each step of the way. This was partially necessary. The books are written in characters’ points of view, and other characters are only portrayed through the eyes of those points of view. That could not happen in the show, meaning characters like Cersei Lannister and Margaery Tyrell had to be fleshed out quickly and adapted for the screen.

Making changes to books for the sake of film and TV is annoying for some of the readers. It can lead to the feeling of characters they have grown to love being taken away. However, there are also benefits. The readers have the excitement of guessing how something will play-out. Making changes to the Game of Thrones onscreen has been a good and bad thing, depending on the reader.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham



2 Responses to "Game of Thrones Changes a Good or Bad Thing?"

  1. SHMF   May 7, 2014 at 1:00 pm

    The changes have been hit or miss, but never truly story-altering just fluff. Season 4’s have been pretty good for the most part.

    A lot of changes have been made for budget/cast/location reasons which all are completely acceptable, expected, and nobody ever complains about those.

    However many changes were entirely unnecessary and were clear attempts to divert focus. There were nigh zero of these in season 1. There were MANY in season 2 and they were all bad, bad to the point that if one had read the books you had to ask yourself “why would you go so far out of the way to make something worse?”. Season 3 there were far fewer changes, none that were bad, but all of Theon’s story was manufactured to fill in his gap (which is later recalled as flashbacks)… which caused his arc to seem really forced and out of place. Season 4 has made the best changes and arguably the most necessary ones; as any book fan will tell you the show is rapidly approaching a boring stretch in the books along with some excessively ‘meandering journeys’. In that case it is a good thing that the show inject some sideways plot devices.

    Season 4 is going to end on a grand finale note of awesome…. but I’m scared to see how people react to how comparatively dull season 5 will have to be.

  2. Fernando   May 7, 2014 at 10:13 am

    the times for a tv show are so different compairing to a book s times…. And for this story in particular, i think its impossible to adapt the whole history to a tv show…. how many episodies would be necessary ?… As long as 20 per book? And the timelines?. Enjoy them both. Ive read the five books and now making the same with the dunk and egg storys, and see the HBO show, plus bought the bluray set of the first three tv shows, and enojys each !!!. Greetings from Argentina. Fernando


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