Game of Thrones Trailer Shows a Season Three Character Is Back [VIDEO]

Game of ThronesA character from season three of the show is back, according to the new Game of Thrones trailer. It could look like a happy ending for Theon Greyjoy, depending on just how crazy his torturer and tormenter, Ramsey Snow, is. It certainly looks like a battle is about to go down.

Throughout season three, poor Theon Greyjoy was captured and tortured. He escaped his capturers at first, and thought he found a friend in Ramsey Snow. However, he soon turned out to be worse than is original tormenters. After having a few parts cut off and sent to the Iron Islands, his father and sister finally found out that he was alive and needed their help.

It took until the last episode of season three for the Greyjoys to find out the truth, and it is now five episodes into season four and they have not shown up again. However, the new trailer has a hint of Yara Greyjoy fighting to save her brother’s life.

For those who have not read the books that Game of Thrones is adapted from, they will be on the edge of their seats wondering whether the former friend of Robb Stark will be saved or not. It will also be interesting to see Yara’s reaction to her brother, who now goes by the name Reek. He certainly is not the Iron-born man who took over Winterfell during season two, and will be an even bigger disappointment to his father than ever before.

The Game of Thrones trailer showed more than a season three character coming back. It also hinted at the start of Tyrion Lannister’s trial. Some of the book lovers will also wonder how this is going to work out in the end, considering the full details of it. This article will go no further into the details to avoid spoilers for the show fans, except to say that a certain character is not around right now and the development was changed for the show to go with the same ending as the books.

It looks like Tywin Lannister is still sure that his youngest child was Joffrey’s murderer. Although that could be due to his hatred towards Tyrion, as Jaime Lannister points out during the trailer. At least The Kingslayer is on his brother’s side, and seems to believe that there is no way Tyrion would have killed the king.

Finally, all eyes are on Daenerys, who is finally ruling; although not the lands she wanted to in the first place. The Mother of Dragons hinted at the end of the last episode that she would rule the slave areas in the east, and Varys notes in the trailer that that is just what she is doing. Now, the question is how long she will stay there.

The new trailer certainly does not give too much away. It just has little snippets of storylines and characters, and viewers will be forgiven for forgetting about some of them. Season three character Yara Greyjoy is back, but that is certainly not all that the new Game of Thrones trailer shows.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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