Google Glass Now Available to All U.S. Residents

Google GlassGoogle Glass is now available to all U.S. residents, just a month after being available on the one-day flash sale. However, the price is still high for many fans, and currently sits at $1,500 for a pair of glasses. It is unclear just how long the device will be available for, and Google simply says that its stock is built up again.

The tech giant has wanted people to have the device for some time now. However, manufacturing them takes time, and there are still a number of considerations to make. Before now, they have only been available for beta testers by invitation, and those beta testers have had to pay for their own devices. This form of testing has been important to make sure all styles and needs have been taken into account, with sunglasses and prescription lenses now available.

Those who opted to buy during the one-day flash sale may have found it difficult to get online. According to Google, the demand for the device was so overwhelming that it almost ran out of stock. It shows that there is a demand for the wearable technology, despite still being in beta. Google Glass remains in beta even now, and customers are made aware of that. The tech giant views the current release still part of the Google Explorer Program, and there is no date given as to when this will end.

The program has taken two years to get to this point. In 2012, only 2,000 devices were on offer. After that, 8,000 were offered through various email invites. It was only last month that everyday people were finally given the chance to buy their own. Now, Google Glass is available to all U.S. residents, and it has led to many questioning whether it is worth buying.

This is an investment into future technology according to Google. Without people buying it and testing it, there is nothing the tech giant can do to advance the technology. However, many people have looked into the details of the eyewear, and are asking people to really think before they spend their $1,500.

Mark Rogowsky from Forbes urges people to think twice, as the device is not worth the money Google is asking for. According to various reports, the device costs just $200 at the most to manufacture. Rogowsky believes that the retail price would be somewhere between $299 and $500, depending on the functions available. The truth is that selling for three times the cost to manufacture is very rare, and the tech giant will know this.

Google Glass is not the only wearable device that the company is looking into. A watch, presumably to compete with Samsung’s Gear, is in the making. This could be more suitable for users who really want to get into the gadgets. However, very little is known about the watch idea, but it is expected to be talked about during the I/O Conference in June and July. The question is whether people are patient enough to wait. It will take some time to develop, whereas Google Glass is now available to all U.S. residents.

By Alexandria Ingham


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