Hugh Jackman Wants to Join the Avengers

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman wants to join the Avengers. Well, more like he wants his X-Men character Wolverine to join the team. It should seem like a simple case of finding a reason to bring in the four-clawed character, but that is not the case.

At the moment, Marvel holds the franchises rights to the current four-man superhero team. When it comes to the X-Men characters, despite being part of Marvel, Fox holds the franchise rights. It would mean the creators of Avengers would need to ask for permission, and the chances of that being granted are slim.

The main reason for wanting to join the team is that there is already dysfunction there. They do not quite want to work together, and do not believe they can work together in some instances. That would work perfectly for the rogue Wolverine, who tends to prefer to do things his own way. Jackman believes that his character would like to be a part of the dysfunctional family unit that the team became during the first Avengers movie.

During the interview with IGN, the 44-year-old was asked about which Avenger he would fight first. After all, they have each fought with one another at some point, adding to the dysfunction of the unit. The Les Miserables actor believes that Bruce Banner, a.k.a Hulk, would be the first that he would get into a fight with. The two characters are full of rage, and would often be at war with each other. It would also be amusing to see Hulk’s face when Wolverine heals from the wounds caused.

Unfortunately, there are very slim chances of Jackman’s Wolverine joining the Avengers, no matter how much he would like it. It does not even matter how much the Avengers team would want it. It would just be too difficult for the likes of Marvel to get the franchise rights to do something like this. If the license was given to use the character, it could prove to be too costly considering how well a movie like that would sell.

It is a shame. The chance to see Wolverine work with the likes of Captain America and Iron Man would be amazing. The banter between the current characters is already amusing, and to add Logan into the mix would take it another step in the right direction. The best part would be to see Logan go head-to-head with Tony Stark on an intellectual and planning level. Considering the amount of time that Wolverine has been living and the things he has seen and done, he has picked up a lot of smarts along the way.

Just having Wolverine as part of the team would be perfect for the Avengers. Who better to go into a battle with than someone who is invincible? Although it is already clear that he would likely be volunteered for some of the worst jobs that the unit would have to face. It is certainly annoying that Marvel is unlikely to gain the franchise rights so Jackman can get his wish of joining the Avengers.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham