Jennifer Lawrence Rape Scream Causes Upset

Jennifer Lawrence Rape Scream Causes Upset

The only trouble with being the world’s most desired BFF is that there is always someone who cannot wait to pull you down, in this case Jennifer Lawrence and her “rape scream” at Cannes has caused upset with some female journos. The same reporters who have been gushing over the Hunger Games star are now ready to vilify her for an “off the cuff” remark made at the same party where she met Justin Bieber.

Earlier in the week it was reported, with much fanfare, that the 23 year-old award-winning actress got very excited at the prospect of meeting two different folks at the Hotel Du Cap Vanity Fair party at Cannes. The first was Alfonso Cuaron and it was this meeting that caused all the problems for Lawrence.

It was initially reported that Jennifer let out a “shriek ” of delight when she found out that the Gravity director was at the party and had expressed a desire to meet the American Hustle star.

At the same event, Lawrence had stated she wanted to meet “last minute guest” Justin Bieber who crashed the party with the aid of Vanity Fair’s Elizabeth Saltzman and he was escorted around the celebrity party goers by IAC chairman Barry Diller. Jennifer also declared that she did not want any pictures taken of the momentous occasion (i.e. meeting Bieber) as Lawrence wanted it to be a meeting between “real” people and not a publicity opportunity.

Now that a week has passed since the original story came out, it is now being reported that the “shriek” was in fact, a “rape scream” and Jennifer Lawrence with her joke about it has caused some upset. Although, apparently, not enough for the incident to be mentioned in earlier reports.

Allegedly once Lawrence spotted Cuaron in the crowd she shouted “Ahhhh” a couple of times. Once she got closer to the director she explained that she was so excited that she “broke out” her “rape” scream for him. To prove it, she shouted “ahhhh” again.

Just the sort of spur of the moment and unthinking pattern of orating that has made Lawrence the darling of the media set and queen of YouTube. This time, however, several of the female reporters at the event took umbrage at what they see as an unfeeling and tasteless downplaying of rape.

These are the same reporters who, shortly before, were gushing all over Lawrence’s wanting to meet Justin Bieber and that she thought he was cute. It has been pointed out that Jennifer has made social gaffes before. This is one of reasons that Lawrence is so popular with her fans.

The Oscar winning star does not automatically censor herself. She says pretty much just what she is thinking. It is not always politically correct nor is it in the best taste. Armpit vaginas and bowel movements rarely are.

It seems, however, that in the same week that Miley Cyrus made a tasteless rape joke at a trendy gay London club, hers was about slipping a date rape drug in drinks, caused little in the way of negative publicity. Since this was obviously the case, some celeb sites have decided to see what the world thinks of Lawrence making a rape joke.

Jennifer Lawrence making a “rape scream” joke and causing a bit of upset seems to be one of the more pointless stories of the week. It appears that female reporters have been waiting for a chance to take Jennifer down a peg or two. Perhaps it was getting too easy to keep pointing out Miley Cyrus’ social misbehaviour.

By Michael Smith


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