Justin Bieber Acts Like a Jerk Because He Is Shy?


Justin Bieber has made headlines this past year for repeated bad boy behavior and most recently, being a jerk to actor Seth Rogen, but the singer claims it’s only because he is shy. This year Bieber has been arrested for drag racing, questioned for roughing up photographers, and has even spit down on fans from a balcony. Photographs also document the singer regularly making his bodyguards carry him around on their shoulders, or jog after him as he skateboards or catches a ride from a bike cab.

Bieber’s bad behavior and entitled attitude seems to be loosing him support from his fan base and respect as a star. A petition was even created to deport the singer back to Canada, but Canada said they didn’t want him back. Also, the petition received over 250,000 signatures of people in America who were sick of Bieber’s behavior. It seems that Rogen was speaking for everyone when he said that Bieber was a brat.

In recent interviews, Rogen said that he was approached backstage at a German talk show and told that Bieber wanted to meet him. Rogen says he went outside to meet the singer and then things became awkward when Bieber acted as if Rogen had asked to meet him. The actor says Bieber had a horrible attitude and acted as if he thought he was above everyone. Rogen also says that the singer had not one ounce of humility.

The next encounter between Rogen and Bieber came a few years later at an award ceremony. Rogen says that the singer had a snake wrapped around his wrist and the two talked again for about five minutes. Justin Bieber was again acting like a jerk, and Rogen did not think the singer was shy, just that he had no awareness. Rogen also says that Bieber acted as if meeting him should be the best experience of the actor’s life.

Rogen has commented in interviews that he does not like Bieber and called the singer names on twitter. Rogen says the singer is insincere, ungrateful, and obnoxious. After fans saw the video on how Bieber spoke to and treated the lawyer questioning him, regarding the Miami drag racing incident, they were not shocked. The negative public opinion of the singer seems to closely mirror what Rogen is voicing.

This week, Bieber finally responded to Rogen’s comments on twitter. The singer clears up one detail, when he confirms that he was actually the one who requested to meet Rogen in the first place. Bieber says he is sorry he didn’t bow down when he met the actor. In the twitter apology, Bieber spells Rogen’s name wrong and many people suspect it was done on purpose. Although the entire apology does seem fake and insincere, Bieber ends saying he still loves Rogen’s movies.

At first, it seemed like Justin Bieber was actually apologizing for his jerky behavior, claiming to be shy, and saying he didn’t want to be over the top. However, after really looking at the language the singer used, it is clear he did not really apologize. The sarcastic apology just shows that Bieber does not really care how the public views him. Rogen has yet to respond to the singer’s questionable apology.

Opinion By Sara Petersen

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