Kentucky Son Deep Freezes Dead Mother for Social Security Checks

Kentucky Son Deep Freezes Dead Mother For Social Security Checks

Kentucky resident Jon Whiteford was keeping a secret so gruesome, that when a Sheriff’s deputy went to his home to ask him about it, Whiteford yanked out a handgun and suddenly killed himself. The secret the son had been hiding was that he had kept his dead mother hid  and deep-frozen so he could collect her social security checks and had been doing it for nearly three years.

This had apparently started back in the spring of 2011 and Faye had been age 96 at the time. When she died, Jon Whiteford put her dead body on ice, stated the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday.

Since it did appear she died from natural causes according to an autopsy, the sheriff’s office knew he did not kill her. Also because Whiteford committed suicide, there would be no charges brought against him.

But law enforcement wanted to know what the son was no longer able to tell them so they were able to  finish the puzzle of what happened to the mother’s body from the time of her passing until they discovered her remains this month, wrapped in tarp inside the yard of a dilapidated old house.

The picture they developed so far had been created on conversations with both eyewitnesses and colleagues and it was not a pretty one. Faye Whiteford was bedridden in her home for the last few years of her life and during this time her son fell in trouble with his finances. He did take care of her but was in need of  her Social Security and retirement benefits for his economic support.

After Faye died, he did not want to give up the income, so instead the son hid her death and put off any type of funeral, explained the sheriff’s office. He went and bought a freezer where he placed her dead body.

A close friend of Jon stated that he did not realize Faye had passed away, and that he was afraid to ask. But it did appear that the friends spoke about what would happen with finances if she died. The friend explained that he figured Jon was afraid to report that Faye had died because the funds would disappear.

However Faye’s retirement checks were not enough to save the family home from going into foreclosure. Jon had to leave the house sometime in December of 2013. Whiteford was able to find a home to rent in a nearby county, but he fell in disrepair. The house was a wreck, needed a lot of work and was basically falling apart.

It was believed Jon took his mother’s body with him. Due to the winter being a bitter one, it remained frozen on the outside where he left it. At the same time, Whiteford moved beside to his and his mother’s former home, into a house that was owned by a friend who was not living in it at the present time.

Eventually, police investigators began to wonder why there had been no signs of life from Faye and a fraud investigation into her Social Security benefits started.

On March 29 of this year, a deputy sheriff went to question Whiteford and that was when Jon suddenly killed himself.

About three weeks after his suicide, police detectives brought cadaver dogs in to sniff out human remains, but they did not find scent of Faye’s body. Yet during the investigation, investigators found out about the property Jon had rented and decided to go look over it.

While they were there, one of the detectives discovered a body wrapped up in tarp lying under a box that was located at the end of the driveway. The remains were of Faye’s. Her son had hid her body but investigators found it even after Whiteford himself had committed suicide.

By Kimberly Ruble


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