Kim Cannot Keep up With the Kardashians or With Kanye’s Demands

KardashiansNow that they are wed, is Kanye turning into a control freak and demanding that Kim leave the family reality show, Keeping up with the Kardashians? It seems this could actually be true and now that the vows have been taken demands are being given. Adding husband to his list of accomplishments seems to have brought out the need to keep Kim in control and out of the limelight. Kanye prefers the limelight himself and it seems he does not want to share it with the whole Kardashian clan. Is this just the beginning of the demands? Will it become another Tom Cruise, Katy Holmes Hollywood marriage slash train wreck? Fans are asking how this could be possible with the media circus that has been following the couple for months trying to get the scoop on the recent marriage. Although the family was there, the spotlight has been on Kimye and it seems that Kanye may want to keep it that way.

Keeping up with the Kardashians new season starts June 9th, and they are promoting the events leading up to the wedding of Kim and Kanye. This has already been filmed, however will it be the last time fans see Kim on the family show? Only time will tell if rumors of her new husbands controlling ways are true, and if she will indeed bow to his will and quit the show. Many think this could be a smart move and not one of a controlling nature. Kanye has not only Kim to worry about, but their adorable baby North’s interests too. Fans will most certainly tune in to see the family as they vacation as well as prepare for the nuptials, as very few pictures have been leaked of the grand affair. It should be interesting to see how this pans out, as Kim, Khole and Kourtney are looking to Miami for a new DASH boutique, and as they are partners this will be one area that will be sorely lacking on the show without the Kardashian that is one of the fan favorites.


This close knit family spends much time together and taking Kim out of the equation could very well put the show in jeopardy. Kim and Khole have kept audiences on the edge of their seats with their make ups and break ups, and it is hard to image the show without the eldest daughter. The Kardashians show has been airing since 2007 and has made stars out of the clan as well as their counterparts, the Jenners. The show still has the long and rough road that Kourtney has been following and the possibility that she will open up her mind and heart again to someone new. It just may be that the romance of being in Paris for her sisters wedding could be just the thing she needed. Their followers will most likely be more interested in the control and manipulation that may have just gotten started, for Kim as Kris was shut out of the planning of her daughters wedding. Everyone knows that if one of the clan wants a party or event planned, the family matriarch is the one to go to. So is this the beginning of the end for Kim’s presence on Keeping up with the Kardashians, and the beginning of being under the control of her husband? Fans will certainly stay tuned to find out and see where Kim’s new life will take her.
Opinions by Kristi Cereska