Kim Kardashian Is Now a West

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is now a West, after officially taking her husband’s surname. The 33-year-old reality TV star and her rapper husband, Kanye West, married this past weekend but there was no confirmation of her becoming Mrs. West. She has not officially changed her social media profiles to reflect the name-change.

There was debate in 2013 over whether she would keep her surname or not. There were pros and cons to both, and it certainly seems like the 33-year-old mother of one took all into consideration. In fact, she is still keeping her maiden name in there, and will now be known as Kim Kardashian West.

Back in October 2013, the reality show star made it clear that she wanted to take on her husband’s last name. He wanted her to do it too. It would also be without the hyphen, as a sign that the two are in their marriage together. It is very different to her previous too marriages, where she decided to keep her maiden name.

The main benefit of taking West’s surname is that she now shares the same surname as her daughter. One-year-old North was given her daddy’s surname from the beginning, and it will be much easier for her growing up than having to explain why mommy has a different surname. It also shows that the 33-year-old believes that this marriage will work.

Kardashian is now a West, but there were fears that she would end up losing her identity. She has made a living under her maiden name, along with her siblings, and her name is now her brand. It is something that many celebrity women find after getting married. Despite being married to Brad Pitt, Jennifer Anniston has always been known as Anniston for example.

However, Kardashian has kept her surname in the mix. Also, West is well-known and the couple have become the latest power couple in the celebrity world. All of that working together will help to avoid people getting confused over who “Kim West” is.

The wedding took place over the weekend, although there were plenty of pre-wedding events in the run up. Many of the details were extremely private, which was surprising for the power couple, who likes to be in the limelight. Rumors speculated that they would marry in France, and they remained that way—apart from a small blip to Italy—until the last minute.

Guests arrived in France, and were treated to a range of pre-wedding events, including a tour of the Palace of Versailles, where the couple reportedly wanted to marry. They were then flown to Florence, Italy, where the actual big day took place. There were chances that the two would not sign their pre-nuptial agreement in time, as they debated over some of the details. However, the agreement was not about money, and more compromises to make the marriage work. Of course considering the two are worth millions, there was some money talk involved.

The two will now be enjoying their honeymoon, and a chance to live together as a happily married couple. Kardashian is now a West, and it is time for the next adventure, whatever that may be.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham



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