Lindsay Lohan Missed Court Dates Due to Miscarriage

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan took the miscarriage story one step further recently using it as a reason for missing court dates at the end of last year. The dates were due to a lawsuit that she filed against the D.N.M.A Apparel Industries executives, which led to a countersuit. Since she never turned to answer for the claims against her, the judge ruled the actress defaulted on the case.

The 27-year-old revealed on her reality show Lindsay that she had suffered a miscarriage during filming. It was a distressing time, and her reason for locking the crew out of her home. Locking the crew out of her home led to Oprah Winfrey, whose OWN network was airing the show, calling in to get the first, exclusive interview with Lohan after her sixth stint in rehab.

During the show, the Mean Girls actress also spoke about battling with her sobriety, which she has found extremely taxing since leaving rehab last year. She told Winfrey that she had remained sober, only to admit later that she had been lying. She had a glass of wine shortly after leaving rehab because she was around the wrong person. There are also claims that she was drinking while at Coachella.

The recent lawsuit was linked to her sobriety issues from the past, but not criminal links. The actress claimed the company had cheated her out of profits during their business deal in 2009. However, D.N.M.A claims that her sobriety issues made it difficult to sell her collection, and she had breached her contract.

When she missed the court dates to answer for the countersuit, Lohan used the miscarriage along with battle with sobriety as her excuse. She has since apologized to the federal judge for her actions.

She has also claimed that a bad address was used for the counterclaim. The Freaky Friday star never received the counterclaim in time to answer to it. She did not realize she had anything to answer for, so hopes that the judge will now drop the default that is currently against her.

Lohan has not received many sympathies over the last few years. She has constantly been in the media for her drug habits, and breaking the law. After six stints in rehab, many has stopped wondering whether she would finally manage it, and started questioning how long it would take her to fall off the wagon. Now many are unsympathetic towards the miscarriage story, believing that she is making it up to garner attention.

A date is set for May 15 for the current lawsuit. If a deal has not been reached, Lohan will be suing Bebe, which allegedly bought some of the actress’ collection. She will be suing for trademark infringement and conspiracy, even if the judge does not drop the default. D.N.M.A state that there is nothing to support this action against Bebe as the collection was not provided by D.N.M.A.

The lawsuit is ongoing. Hopefully this time the actress will turn up rather than cause further problems for her claims. Lohan does not have a miscarriage story to fall back on should she miss another court date.

By Alexandria Ingham


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