Marilyn Monroe Death Conspiracies

Marilyn MonroeA new monument in honor of Marilyn Monroe is being erected in Hamilton, New Jersey. Today there are still three main conspiracies surrounding her death and what really happened. This year there will be a movie released that is based on the book Blonde written by Joyce Carol Oates, which won her the Pulitzer prize in 2001. Oates insists that it is a work of fiction and should not be referred to as a biography. The wording in the 700 page novel makes it fairly obvious who she is referring to, even though she uses nicknames such as C and the ex-athlete. The only affair mentioned in the novel was the one with President John F. Kennedy (JFK). However, Oates remains silent about the affair with the president’s brother Robert F. Kennedy (RFK). In the CBS mini-series they never mention the assassination theory.

The assassination is one of the three conspiracies alive today. Many believe that RFK may have committed the crime himself. It was rumored that not only had he shared secrets that could bring down his family, but his brother JFK shared secrets as well. It was said that Monroe was delusional and believed she would become the next First Lady. Even though the affair with RFK was never proven, witnesses place him near Monroe’s home during the night of her death. Another outlandish conspiracy theory is that Marilyn Monroe’s death was caused by the Mafia. RFK was all about stopping the Mafia’s rise to power. Perhaps they killed Monroe in their vengeance against the Kennedy brothers. Another conspiracy of Monroe’s death is rumored that the government helped cover it up. Phone records were destroyed that night along with personal diaries of Marilyn Monroe’s. Monroe being murdered is probably the most popular conspiracy of the three.

The most logical of the three conspiracies is that it was an accident. She was killed from a rectally-administered barbiturate enema. Someone had to have administered the enema. The theory is Dr. Greenson, who worked with her main doctor, Dr. Engelberg, accidentally overdosed her because he did not realize she was already taking other medication. Milton Rudin, Monroe’s attorney insisted he heard Dr. Greenson confess that he did not know about the other prescription. A good doctor would not want to admit that he or she had made a mistake, especially in a high profile case like this one.

The last conspiracy theory is that Marilyn Monroe committed suicide. There is little evidence to support this theory. When found, she was lying face down in her pillow with sleeping pills scattered beside her. Generally an overdose of sleeping pills would cause one to vomit and for the legs to cramp up. This did not seem to occur with Monroe. This led many to believe it was not suicide. According to reports, she died sometime before 4:00 a.m., but the police were not called until much later. The theory is that the advertisement department of 20th Century Fox Film Corporation had to give them the okay to call the police, but that is a far-fetched rumor. Most likely it was everyone covering themselves to make sure they did not get caught.

The death of Marilyn Monroe will forever be shrouded in many conspiracy theories. Many people still mourn her death as she was probably the first real sex icon of Hollywood. It is doubtful the truth will ever be recovered even though others will continue to seek the truth.

Opinion by Heather Tillman