Nicki Minaj Reveals Third Album With Class

nicki minaj

Nicki Minaj is releasing a third studio album later in the year, known as The Pink Print, which is said to be in a class of its own. The hard-core rapper is turning to her softer side for this album, introducing such smash hits as Pills and Potions, which is a slow melody where Minaj croons about “Pills and Potions, we’re overdosing, I’m angry but I still love you.” The vocals for this song have been said to be the prettiest the public has heard from the star to date, and are clearly about someone who has done the singer wrong.

The song opens with haunting drum beats that lead into the near feathery whisper of Nicki Minaj voice as she starts to sing about Pills and Potions, which eventually get blown up in the second pass with an echo effect. Once the verse begins, Minaj delivers on the urgency she had promised in her bars, although she holds her vocals in at the beginning. “They could never make me hate you, even though what you was doing wasn’t tasteful,” Nicki Minaj reveals to someone who seems to have done her wrong in the lyrics of the ballad from her third album, continuing on to say, “even though you out here looking so ungrateful, I’m a keep it moving, be classy and graceful.”

The melodic chorus comes back to haunt the audience as Nicki Minaj reveals to whoever messed with her, in this third album of outstanding class, that she may forgive those backstabbers, but she will never forget them. “But I spin off in a Benzie, I see the envy when I’m causing a frenzy,” she proclaims in the title song of her newest album, all the while looking down upon the haters of the world from her house up in the hills of California. Hoping to appease all of her fans, Minaj had already released two harder hitting rap songs, Yasss Bish and Chi-Raq, earlier this year.

Pills and Potions is the rap stars newest single to be discharged from her unpublicized album, The Pink Print. The almost-five minute song, Pills and Potions, is a momentous move towards the pop music genre. Minaj could be setting herself up for what some consider as being her largest cross-over number one hit to date. However, Nicki Minaj reveals that her third album will be a return to hip-hop, with class, and that for her; there will be no more bubblegum themed pop. She stated that the entire album was a true story, and that Pills and Potions subject matter was from her heart and soul.

The rap singer set the stage on Sunday night at the Billboard Music Awards, when she let the songs title, plus additional details, out of the bag. Minaj also let it be known that Dr. Luke had produced the song, and that it was co-written with Ester Dean. Nicki Minaj reveals the new third studio album sounds like a wide range of emotions, including betrayal and love, and will be delivered with a certain class and grace, as only she can do. The Pink Print has yet to have a release date set, but Nicki Minaj has assured fans that it will be revealed at a later date this year.

By Korrey Laderoute