Pentagon Has Come up With Plan to Protect U.S. If Zombies Attack

Pentagon Has Come up With Plan to Protect U.S. If Zombies Attack

There is no need to fear the living dead because the Pentagon has come up with an intricate plan to protect the United States if zombies attack and cause a catastrophe over the entire country, stated a Defense Department document which was obtained by the media. In the file, which was unclassified and entitled CONOP 8888, U.S. Strategic Command officials used the threat of a worldwide attack by zombies as a training prototype for how to strategize for actual emergencies, catastrophes and large-scale operations. The Pentagon stated there was a sensible explanation to the document.

A spokesperson for the strategic command unit said that the file was labeled as a training apparatus to be used as an in-house exercise where students could learn about the elementary concepts of military plans and order development through fictional training scenarios. The document was not some sort of strategic command strategy.

Even so, the training and meticulousness shown by the Pentagon for how to get ready for such a situation where U.S. citizens are about to be taken over by the living dead is extremely impressive. It talked about a wide range of zombies, each displaying their own kind of deadly dangers and how the military was to meet and plan to take care of every type of zombie creature.

The document explained that zombies were life forms that were either produced from occult experimentation that could be called “black magic,” to vegetarian zombies which would not pose any sort of threat to humans because of their limited feeding on only vegetation to zombies formed when a being became infected from a large radiation dose.

Each stage of the process from conducting common zombie awareness training and recalling military personnel to all duty stations, to deploying exploration teams to determine the basic safety of the environment to reestablishing public authority after the zombie menace has been defused were deliberated. Even rules of engagement with the zombies were plainly discussed in the file. It stated that all firepower must be aimed to the head of the zombie, precisely the brain. It also stated that the only way to make sure a zombie was really “dead” was to burn the zombie.

There were even emergency strategies on how to deal with various medical facilities which had been taken over by the living dead. As unbelievable as all this sounds, this was not the first time that zombies had been used as the enemy in U.S. training manuals. The Department of Homeland Security and the Centers for Disease Control had both used the monsters for training their staff before.

Officials said they did not believe any type of zombie invasion was at hand. The only reason for the document was to rehearse how to implement a large scale plan for handling something as huge and dangerous as living dead creatures attempting to take over America. It is good to know that the United States is safe from zombies of all kinds. There is no reason to have any fear of the living dead now.

By Kimberly Ruble


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