People Could Learn From Ants [Video]


Ants are resilient, resourceful, tiny and fascinating creatures. A recently released video observes a colony of ants utilize an entire deceased gecko, carrying its skin, bones and body parts off piece by piece. As the longest living insect ants have full, productive lives and are a key player for the biosphere of earth. People could learn much about productivity and sustainability by mimicking the actions of ants and their community-driven mindset.

While visiting the southern half of the United States, many people will have one, or possibly multiple unfortunate encounters with a variety of insect called fire ants. These amazingly resilient ants have evolved to withstand the intense rainfall of the south by floating in a pile through deep waters, securing the queen of the colony at the very top to ensure she is safe through the entire adventure. These ants are incredibly territorial, stinging any living thing too close to the colony’s nest. This ant variety stays together through any trial, aggressively defending their own. However, they do not attack unless threatened nor do they go looking for trouble. Ferociously loyal but not unnecessarily aggressive, these ants could teach many over-emotional humans a thing or two about strategic living.

In relation to size, ants are some of the strongest creatures to have ever walked the earth. Many species of ant can carry anywhere from 10 to 100 times their body weight, even while walking upside down on a surface with little grip, such as glass. When ants work they work very hard, tirelessly finding and carrying back building materials and food to their colony’s nest. Though, a little known fact about ants is they are actually quite lazy when not working. They work hard and rest hard, which is a trait that many people have accomplished already, though the world could always benefit from more of this practice. People could learn from the inherent drive of ants, as well as learn how to live a more sustainable existence.

True to the video embedded within this article, ants utilize as much of their findings as possible. The gecko in the video was picked completely clean, with only the spine left after the ants were finished taking what they need. The ants even carried off the skull of the gecko, seemingly finding a very interesting use for it. The skin, muscle and all bone but the spine was carried off to be utilized. One negative trait of humans, especially true of those living within the developed countries, is their wasteful tendencies. Each year in America enough plastic waste is generated, from cups and utensils, to circle the equator a total of 300 times. Over 100 billion plastic bags are used each year in America; many of those bags end up in bodies of water and the stomach of animals which eat the curiosities. Paper waste is extreme: 10,000 sheets of paper are used in offices annually, generating two pounds of paper products each day.

Ants are one of the most fascinating insect groups on the planet. They tirelessly provide for each other, know when to take a much needed rest and utilize their building and food supplies in very sustainable ways. Some experts believe that ants will be around for as long as the earth exists, long surpassing humans and many other mammals due to their resilience and successful habits. It is because of their astounding capabilities and intelligent existence that people could benefit from studying and learning from ants.

Opinion by Courtney Heitter

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