Real Housewives of Atlanta Kenya Moore the Wild Card

Real Housewives of AtlantaReal Housewives of Atlanta has a cast that never ceases to amaze its audience. When viewers look at the six affluent African-American women holding their Georgia peach during the opening of the popular reality show, it is hard to believe that any of these women would be at war with one another. As viewers pick their jaws up off the ground learning more and more about who these women actually are, whether on or off camera, Bravo TV is possibly sitting back toasting champagne to high ratings, sweeter checks, and hoping for an even more drama filled new season. The cast, however, endures bitter-sweet success of love and hate from the show’s fans. Cast member Kenya Moore, however, has received hate from both the cast and fans reportedly more than any other Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member. True followers of the reality show are back tracking to the beginning to determine where the wild card could have possibly went so wrong, that fellow cast mates would take to the media on a campaign to assassinate her character.

The Detroit born former Miss USA has been labeled “Kenya Moore Whore” by attorney and funeral director Phaedra Parks. When women are given such an offensive title as “whore”, there is usually evidence of a list of men the woman has been intimate with. While Parks continues to call Moore a whore, she tells the viewers that Moore has been with “invisible” men. An intelligent person will begin to question the attorney as to how a woman can be a whore with men who, according to Parks, do not exist. How does a woman sleep with a list of invisible men and then get the label “whore?” Where is this list of men that Moore has slept with to earn the title “Moore Whore?”

Parks’ husband, Apollo Nida, who has a documented criminal history, serving time in prison for victimizing unsuspecting citizens, has embarrassed his wife by demonstrating time and time again, on the reality show, that he is obsessed with Moore. It was proven to Parks, on the show, that her husband initiated the text messaging with Moore. Moore showed fellow cast mate Kandi Burruss that she did not say anything inappropriate in the text messages to Parks’ husband. Moore tried to speak with Parks about the situation, but Parks avoided the conversation. Nida, feeling rejected with a bruised ego, further embarrassed his wife by having the need to declare repeatedly that he could have Moore. What husband tells his wife he could have another woman if wanted to? Parks, possibly saving face, went on the victim tour to talk shows Arsenio Hall and Bethenny slandering Moore. Moore found herself being forced to defend her character by questioning Nida in front of the Bravo cameras. As Nida is currently dealing with yet another federal investigation of identity theft and stealing employee retirement checks, he gave an in-depth interview with Sister 2 Sister magazine. Nida came clean that nothing happened between he and Moore. There is documentation that supports Nida is not a man to be trusted, and a book titled Lies of a Real Housewife describing Parks’ alleged participation in Nida’s criminal behavior. Parks continues the defamation of Moore’s character without any proof or evidence to back up her accusations. However, fans that believe Parks is insulting their intelligence, are turning the magnifying glass away from Moore and onto Parks. How does a self-proclaimed successful, highly intellectual attorney maintain she had no knowledge of her husband’s reported $3 million criminal operation?

Moore and Parks, once upon a time, were becoming friends until they had the idea to work together on a fitness DVD. The excitement to work with Parks was quickly killed when Parks decided Moore was not worth the money she was asking for as a producer. Adding insult to injury, Parks devalued Moore as a business woman by not wanting to negotiate Moore’s offer. Parks clearly demonstrated she wanted the fans to know who was top dog. Supporters of Real Housewives of Atlanta saw this as the beginning of the disrespect between Moore and Parks, festering into a full on war. Others believe it was when Parks, after learning that Moore was going to produce her own fitness DVD, began slandering the former beauty queen by using personal information against Moore that she had shared with Parks about her mother’s mental illness. Parks insinuated that Moore was like her mother – mentally ill and on medication. Moore, being the wild card that she is, responded to the dirty, low blow. The war took on a life of its own.

When Moore made her first debut on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, veteran NeNe Leakes appeared to take a liking to her. As fans began showing love to Moore for her quick-witted one liners and fearless defense antics against anyone who crossed her, Leakes reportedly started turning on Moore. Infamous for turning on her friends, Leakes started verbally attacking Moore during an unfortunate violent assault onto Moore’s friend and recurring guest Brandon DeShazer. Moore walked into an ambush as Leakes began asking inflammatory questions geared toward Moore. Moore, going into defense mode, stood up to address the question and was grabbed by a male guest. DeShazer quickly got up to protect his female friend and was violently attacked by Nida, resulting in DeShazer suffering a cracked rib. Leakes, pointing her finger in Moore’s face, shouting and blocking Moore from going to check on DeShazer, immediately placed blame on Moore for starting the brawl. Though being provoked and violated by Leakes, Moore did not result to violence.

Many fans have since taken to Twitter and Facebook posting actual footage of Leakes “violating” and provoking Dwight Eubanks, Peter Thomas, Kandi Burrus, and former cast mate Kim Zolciak. Leakes allegedly choked Zolciak in a parking lot resulting in Zolciak calling 911. Zolciak was reportedly asked not to press charges against Leakes who already had a police record.

Cast mate Porsha Williams recently turned herself into the authorities after Moore called 911 during the taping of Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion special. Williams maintains she “blacked out” and was provoked to violently attack Moore. From the start of the reunion, Parks, Leakes, and Williams made it clear they had come for blood. Fans have played part one to the reunion taping many times to watch Parks, Leakes, and Williams fire gutter insults at Moore first. Moore, going into defense mode and keeping in the spirit of entertainment, pulled out props for the television viewers. Dressed in a ball gown, Moore, in jest, pulled out a toy scepter she reportedly purchased from a children’s store. Williams aggressively snatched the scepter out of Moore’s hand. Moore received laughs as she entertained cast mates by pulling out a megaphone to keep Williams from speaking over her. Williams did not let the megaphone stop her from calling Moore a whore from the 1990s. Moore spoke into the megaphone to defend herself. Williams jumped up from her seat and grabbed Moore by her hair flinging her to the floor and proceeded to drag her across the stage. Moore, never once using the toy scepter or megaphone as a weapon to fight off the violent assault, calmly got up, went to her dressing room, and called the police. Williams suffered an emotional breakdown as she lay crying and screaming on the floor regretting what she had done to Moore. Leakes, placing both hands over Williams’ mouth to stop her from saying too much, defended Williams stating Moore violated and provoked Williams to physically attack her.

Many fans began looking at early episodes to determine when the bitterness between Williams and Moore started. The first season the two made their debut on Real Housewives of Atlanta, Williams and Moore met for the first time for lunch. Williams made judgments about Moore being over the age of 40 and unwed without children. Moore was offended. But in watching the footage, fans saw that Moore did not react or respond negatively Williams’ judgment of her. Williams invited Moore to a charity event she was hosting only to devalue Moore’s pageant title as Miss USA. Moore excused herself from the event. Williams chased after her, igniting their very first heated argument. The battle still continues.

Moore, who has shared with viewers the pain of having a mother who never acknowledged she existed and a cold, detached father, has demonstrated she can be a wild card that can take any attack and keep going with very little support. Ironically the cast mates persuading viewers to believe Moore is a bully and a “whore” are the same cast mates with reported criminal dealings, aggressive violent behavior, swinging around a pole in a thong for tips from married men, and being labeled the “head doctor” by guests who have come on the show.

While Moore takes the jabs and keeps moving forward on to Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice, much of the public is starting to question why Williams hopped on the victim tour. One stop on the victim tour was The View with co-host Sherri Shepherd to possibly get sympathy to keep her out of jail. The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion part three will air Sunday night without Williams as she was told by host Andy Cohen that violence was not the way and was sent home. Bravo fans will watch Moore contend with the Leakes and Parks two on one verbal assault. Moore will stand alone while holding her own without support. As fans go back to watch early episodes of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, the opinion of the wild card is slowly shifting in Moore’s favor. Compared to her cast mates, the wild card isn’t so wild. The accusations about Kenya Moore being a “whore” and a bully do not make sense. However, the suspect past behavior of Williams, Leakes, and Parks are all reportedly documented in a court system in the state Georgia. And to most intelligent people, no matter how Williams, Parks, and Leakes spin it in the reunion, documentation beats conversation any day. Will the real bully and “whore” please stand up?

Opinion by Meleika Gardner

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