Revenge Season Finale: Stunning With an Unexpected Twist (Recap)

revengeHighly anticipated season finale of Revenge was stunning and it most certainly brought an unexpected twist. Those, who watched it, surely know what I am talking about. I knew that someone will die, because the creators of the series advertised that before the finale even started. But I seriously had no idea that someone will come back from the dead. What a controversial ending of season 3!

Okay, let’s take it step by step. In the beginning of the Revenge season finale, Emily had a flashback back to the time when she was a little girl and her father told her the history behind his ring. His father gave it to him on his 18th birthday. It was some sort of family’s tradition and David hoped that he would be able to continue with it. While Emily celebrates her small victory with Aiden, she tells him how happy she is to have a partner in her revenge and that both of their fathers would be proud of them.

In the airport, Victoria, Margaux and Daniel are loading Pascal’s coffin onto a plane. Even though Victoria says that they need to get through this together, Margaux finds it hard to play nice, because she now knows the truth about the Grayson’s. It is obvious that Margaux has changed and has fallen completely under the Daniel’s spell. She is not aware of the fact that Daniel is a manipulator, who is using her to get what he wants.

During his bail hearing, Conrad accuses Charlotte of entrapping him by faking her own kidnapping. He claims that he was only repeating the words of a speech, which he was going to give to the press, as requested by Charlotte’s abductors. The judge is harsh and does not believe Conrad, so he denies the bail. During the hearing, the judge coincidentally receives a huge file of incriminating evidence, so he decides to re-open the David Clarke case. But hold it there for a second, this is not all. The judge also decides to re-open Pascal’s case and Conrad is now facing several charges: murder, conspiracy to force perjury and collaborating with terrorists. If he gets convicted, Conrad could serve a life sentence in prison.

Daniel’s efforts finally pay off, as Margaux announces that she is naming him as her second in command. I could not help asking myself if the writers intentionally made her character to be so blind. However, just as she is making the announcement, her brother, Gideon walks into the office. Margaux immediately feels threatened (you can tell that by the look on her face), but her brother tells her that he is not interested in taking over the company and that he is here just to be with her in the time of grief. Yeah, right. In the next scene, it becomes obvious that Nolan was the one who called Gideon. Since he wants to get back the control over the MyClone, he needs Gideon’s help to hurt Daniel. If they succeed, Margaux also gets hurt and that means that Gideon can take over his father’s company, like he was meant to. What a brilliant plan.

In the meantime, Victoria has a proof that baby Carl and Charlotte are not related, which means that Amanda was not Amanda. But hey, Vicky, we already knew that. The guy, whom she hired, is still at the David’s cabin, waiting for Emily. It is a trap, of course. Victoria has a hunch and she wants to see if Emily will take the bait and follow the lead to the ring. After Nolan finds out that the cabin is in fact the one that was built by Emily’s grandfather, she decides to go and check it out. When she arrives, Victoria’s guy is already there and they end up in a fight. Of course Emily beats him, but she is worried because it seems that he was trying to get a blood sample for a DNA test. She correctly suspects that Victoria is behind all of this. Because Conrad is now in prison, Victoria thinks that she is in the clear when it comes to David Clarke. But Emily plans to change that with a little help from Dr. Michelle Banks, Victoria’s therapist. Emily already put a red X over her in the season 1, as she was the person who brainwashed her as a child into believing that her father was a bad man and a murderer. Emily believes that with Aiden’s help, they could convince her to confess. Conrad is not doing so well in prison. An officer approaches and abuses him, saying that he will not have any mercy on him, because Conrad had no mercy when he killed all of those people on that plane.

Aiden goes to see Dr. Banks and he tells her that Victoria should also pay for what she did. While they are drinking tea, she agrees to get him the files that he needs. As she leaves the office, Victoria is waiting outside to enter. She surprises Aiden and it turns out that his tea was drugged. He stumbles and falls over, but still tries to choke her. The drug in the tea paralyzed him and as he is lying on the floor, Victoria smothers him with a pillow. She says that Emily took away her one true love and she thought she would return the favor. Okay, hold it there. Did you see the tear that came from Aiden’s eye when he died? I somehow knew that they will get rid of Aiden; after all, it is obvious that Emily will end up with Jack. But seeing Victoria killing him with her bare hands? This is a whole new level of messed up for her and she will most probably awaken a new reason for revenge in Emily.

In the meantime, Emily is at the Stowaway, watching the news with Jack. Her father’s case has been officially overturned, posthumously clearing David of all charges. Jack tells Emily that she did not only honor her father, but Amanda and Declan too. As she comes back home, Emily finds Aiden sitting on a sofa in front of the fire-place. While she is telling him the good news, she realizes that he is not responding. Victoria did not just kill Aiden; she has cold-heartedly set his corpse up sitting on the sofa. Wow, Vicky, this really is a whole new level of messed up. I mean, I knew that Victoria was bad, but I had no idea what she was actually capable of.

The next day, Emily is crushed and she cannot even get out of the bed or talk to Nolan. He tells her that Aiden dedicated himself to her revenge because he loved her. She was Aiden’s reason for living, but Emily says that she has now lost hers. Jack is asking Nolan why Emily let the authorities believe that Aiden’s death was a suicide. Nolan replies that she knows it was Victoria and she wants her all to herself. Jack is worried that Emily might do something drastic, like kill Victoria, but Nolan seems to be okay with that. He says that she deserves to die. They both agree to protect Emily, but they are too late, as she is already gone.

In the meantime, Conrad is at the prison chapel, praying. He says that he wanted to have everything but he ended up with having nothing. He is convinced that death would be a luxury compared to the life in prison. Suddenly, the same guard who beat him up before, shows up and tells him that everybody have wants, they just all come with a price. By the way, remember the guard from the Prison Break? It was nice to see him in the role of a prison guard again; it certainly brought back some memories. Well done Revenge.

While Charlotte is having tea on the veranda, Emily comes to visit. She gives Charlotte David’s ring, explaining that Jack took it from the cabin and that it belonged to her father. Emily believes that someone desecrated David’s grave in order to get the ring and she tells Charlotte that it would be the best to move his body. Charlotte tells her to leave, so Emily says that she will do it herself.

Gideon and Daniel are out, partying and drinking. Of course, Daniel is just being Daniel and he has a hidden agenda. Like always. He wants to find out what Gideon is really doing in the U.S. Gideon comes up with a story about wanting to start his own company and Daniel buys it. They continue drinking and they pick up two gorgeous looking young women.

After Victoria comes home, Charlotte tells her about her earlier conversation with Emily. Of course, she is doing exactly what Emily wanted. Victoria goes to the cemetery, where Emily is digging up a grave. Victoria mocks Emily, asking her if she liked her gift (Aiden’s corpse). Emily replies that she could kill her right now and that no one would miss her or mourn her. Victoria tells her that she knows who she really is and that the man she remembers as her father and the man who Victoria knew, were two very different people. Emily tells her that she is digging up Amanda’s grave, not her father’s and in the next second, she hits Victoria in the face with the shovel. Ouch! Did she kill her?

Charlotte is asking Jack why he gave her father’s ring to Emily and not to her. Of course, he cannot tell her that, so she wants to walk away. Jack grabs her shoulder to stop her and she recognizes his touch as the touch of her kidnapper. She breaks into his car, where she finds more evidence of her kidnapping. She calls the detective and the police comes to arrest Jack at the Stowaway.

Meanwhile, Conrad gets escorted out of the prison by the officer that beat him up on his first day in jail. Conrad is disguised in a minister’s collar and he manages to exit the jail. Well, he would not be Conrad if he would not think that money is solving his problems. So, he tells the guard that riches are awaiting him in his bank account.

Daniel is on the phone with Margaux, because she is wondering how things went with her brother. He tells her about Gideon’s plans to start a new firm and he thinks that it will be a complete joke. Daniel confesses to Margaux that he had a few too many and that Gideon booked him a hotel room. He invites her over, saying that they should take the advantage of the room and she replies that she will be right over. Here comes the catch. As camera moves slowly, we can now see that there is a dead girl lying in bed next to Daniel. Gideon successfully took a picture of the bloody scene and he shows it to Nolan, who is shocked and says that this is not the way he does business. Gideon tells him that he paid the woman in coke and that it is not his fault that she did not set any limits. Of course, he will use the pictures to blackmail Daniel into giving the MyClone back to Nolan.

As Conrad walks down the road to meet with his arranged transport, he is singing happily, thinking that he has gotten away with everything. Well, his ride shows up and a hooded figure comes out of the car. And now, hold your breath, because things are about to get completely messed up. It is David Clarke! Wow, I did not see that one coming. Did you? Revenge season finale definitely brought an unexpected twist, because I am sure that everyone was as stunned as I was, when they saw who was hiding beneath the hood. It looks like David is alive and well, with a knife in his hand. He steps towards Conrad and stabs him. Conrad fells down and dies on the road. Or does he? Well, here is what I think. The guard, who helped Conrad escape from prison, knew David Clarke. I think that he helped him to fake his own death. And he helped Conrad escape, because David wanted so. The guard told Conrad where the car will be waiting. And who was in fact there? David Clarke himself.

Next thing that we see is Victoria waking up with a head wound from the shovel. As she is waking up, she calls out Pascal’s name. She realizes that she is not dead. She is worse than dead. Vicky is strapped down to a hospital bed and Emily is there. She is telling her not to worry, because she has put her in the finest psychiatric hospital that money can buy. Poor Victoria starts screaming and saying that Emily is Amanda Clarke. The doctor comes into the room and tells her that her theories and apparent obsession with Emily, have led her into acute psychosis. But there was another surprise for Victoria, when Dr. Banks came in to the room and confirmed the diagnosis. It looks like Emily finally managed to convince the therapist to right some of her wrong actions. Emily walks down the hall and the last thing we hear is Victoria, screaming like crazy: “She is Amanda Clarke, she is Amanda Clarke!”

And that seems to be the end. At least until Emily finds out that her father is alive. The season finale of Revenge was indeed stunning and full of unexpected twists. Aiden died, Emily did not kill Victoria when she had the chance and David Clarke came back from the dead. What will happen in season 4? How will Emily react when she will find out that her father is alive? Not only alive, he is also a murderer. What do Nolan and Gideon have planned for Daniel and Margaux? Will Victoria come out of the psychiatric hospital? Is Conrad really dead? How could Charlotte recognize Jack as her kidnapper only by his touch? What will happen to Jack? Will Charlotte finally find out that Emily is her real sister Amanda? There are so many questions and season 4 will have a lot of explaining to do.

By Janette Verdnik

Washington Post
Entertainment Weekly
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