Robert Kardashian Left Wedding Due to Photographs

Robert Kardashian left his sister Kim’s wedding due to his fear of having photographs taken of himself. The 27-year-old was reportedly so self-conscious about his weight that he chose to skip the ceremony all together due to the pressure from his family to be involved in pictures of the event.

Kardashian arrived at the pre-wedding activities in Paris, but was hesitant from the start to engage in activities with his family and guests. It is reported that he chose not to attend Kim and Kanye’s rehearsal dinner, instead making the decision to spent the night in his hotel room. He claimed that his reasoning behind this lay with the fact that the craziness of the event just was not the kind of thing he enjoyed.

So how did the matter escalate to the point that the former model turned business man chose to leave the wedding entirely? The issue at hand reportedly came to a head once the family had arrived in Florence for the wedding itself. It was at this point that the cameras began appearing on all sides, and Kardashian had absolutely no interest in having multiple pictures of himself, allegedly because of the aforementioned weight gain. There are varying reports as to how his family responded to this display of insecurity, however. There are reports that the clan did their best to assure Kardashian that his appearance was not an issue and proceeded to attempt to convince him to be involved with photographs, an effort that reportedly made the situation even worse. Sources say that as much as the family pushed him to engage, the harder he pulled away, eventually giving up on the situation altogether. On the other hand, however, there have been reports that bride-to-be Kim was less than supportive of her brother’s self-confidence issues. In the contrary, sources say that his sister berated him for not putting in more of an effort to get back in shape for the wedding, and acted as though she was ashamed of him. These reports also state that Kardashian was sick of the overly superficial nature of the event, and did not approve of the couple’s obsession money and flashiness. Regardless of what eventually pulled the trigger on the matter, he decided that the entire event would be better off if he left. He was soon spotted at the Florence airport, desperately attempting to secure a plane ticket back to Los Angeles. There are claims that Kardashian was extremely distraught and in tears as he struggled to find an available seat at such a late time.

Kardashian’s battle with his weight began in early 2013, following his breakup with 23-year-old British hit-maker Rita Ora. He admitted to gaining 40 pounds due to post breakup depression, putting him at 235 pounds. He launched himself into a heavy workout regimen in order to lose the pounds, a mission that was heavily documented by the paparazzi, which Kardashian did not take very kindly to. In April 2013, he was sued by a photographer for assaulting her and stealing her camera as she attempted to snap photographs of the Keeping Up With The Kardashian star’s shirtless workout at a Hollywood gym, a matter in which he as successfully charged. The following month, however, he showed off both an impressive drop in weight and a seemingly happier demeanor while debuting his sock line, Arthur George, at a Las Vegas Neiman Marcus. The changed turned out to be relatively short-lived; after a brief dry spell in terms of public appearances, Kardashian was seen arriving at Los Angeles International Airport on his way to his sister’s wedding, having clearly regained the shed pounds as well as a few extra. He took to Twitter shortly before the wedding to slam critics who made allegations of him having gone to “fat camp,” bitterly stating that if that were the case, he would not look the way he does today.

Although it has been confirmed that Robert Kardashian left his sister’s wedding due to his concern with photographs, it is still unclear exactly what the final straw was that put him back on a plane to Los Angeles. However, it can be assumed that the incident must not have been one of small proportion, for missing his sister’s wedding could not have been an easy choice for the entrepreneur.

by Rebecca Grace

International Business Times
New York Daily News
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