Sherri Shepherd Has Man Troubles

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Sherri Shepherd, stand-up comedienne and co-host of ABC’s The View had made headlines in recent days when word surfaced that her husband of three years, Lamar Sally, has filed for legal separation from the star. While Shepherd continued to put on a brave face for the cameras of her daytime talk show, the cracks in the television personality’s ongoing troubles with men are now surfacing more than ever.

According to court documents, Sherri Shepherd’s estranged husband Lamar Sally filed papers on May 2 in Los Angeles Superior Court. Shepherd who has been known for making a lot of her most intimate details of her personal life content for round table fodder on The View, in recent weeks, the outspoken chatterbox had been ever so quiet on this one major aspect of her life. She’s been so quiet that according to reports her own co-hosts were unaware of the marital strife back at home. What makes this story all the more shocking is that Sally is seeking full custody of the couples unborn child, with Shepherd getting visitation. To further shock those following the story, Sherri Shepherd is not even pregnant. The couple is expecting a child no one even knew was due to arrive in August via a surrogate. In court papers, Sally is also seeking to invalidate the couple’s prenuptial agreement, citing fraud with no further details mentioned so far to back up his claim. Sally is reportedly represented legally by Mark Vincent Kaplan, the attorney who represented Kevin Federline in his divorce from pop singer Britney Spears.

This could turn into one nasty divorce trial once explicit details of the couple’s marriage come to light. For Sherri Shepherd, she has made mention several times in the past on The View that she had been unlucky in love and all she wanted was a good man. Shepherd’s marriage to Sally marked the second failed attempt at matrimony. 47-year-old Sherri Shepherd was married once before for eight years to Jeff Tarpley with whom she shares a child, a son named Jeffrey. That marriage ran into troubles and ultimately ended citing infidelity on the part of Tarpley. In that divorce settlement, Tarpley was awarded custody of their son, providing a stable home in Los Angeles as Sherri traveled on the stand-up circuit and moved to New York City where The View is taped.

Sherri has had her share of critics since holding a place at the table on the morning talk show. Shepherd had been criticized for appearing less than smart on topics of evolution, gay rights and politics. Sherri Shepherd professes to be a staunch christian. Along with her stint on The View, Shepherd had written books on her ongoing battle with diabetes and weight loss. As well as roles in films like Lee Daniels’ Precious and Think Like a Man, the television star has also held double duty on the small screen with a side job on the game show The Newlywed Game. Unfortunate for Sherri Shepherd that her newlywed days weren’t as blissful as those of the contestants on her show. Moving on, Shepherd will continue to keep smiling for the cameras but has to start being more transparent on the set and to the audience of The View as more details surface of her troubles with Lamar Sally, the one she claimed to be the man of her dreams three years ago has now turned into her worse living nightmare.

Opinion by Hal Banfield


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