Smartcase for a Smartphone

smartphoneiPhone users can end their search for a unique smartphone case that is a cut above the rest of the abundant, stylized protective gear that can be found everywhere from convenience stores to sale bins by the checkout counter at clothing stores. Lunecase is a product being crowdfunded on revenue building website, Kickstarter. The product is being marketed as the first intelligent iPhone case capable of receiving electromagnetic notifications from the phone in order to control which symbol is displayed on the back of the case.

Cases made specifically for Apple’s iPhone are extremely prolific and can be found just about anywhere in just about any style. The high tech Lunecase, however, is unique in the way that it works to display electronic notifications. Lunecase is being produced by the Kiev-based company, Concepter, who has synopsised their product by saying, “The Lunecase uses innovative eco-friendly technology that utilizes the smartphone’s electromagnetic energy and uses it to power the case’s electronics. The smartcase does not need any batteries or other bulky components and works everywhere and anytime, detecting activity emitted by your smartphone.”

Concepter unveiled Lunecase at the 2014 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas and like the smartphone that its made for, the Lunecase smartcase is only offered in two colors; black and white. Concepter’s CEO, Vlad Tislenko has not alluded to any plans to produce a line of Lunecases designed to work with Android devices. Concepter claims that the technology featured in the revolutionary product is capable of discerning whether or not the device is receiving a phone call or a text message even before the device’s screen displays a notification. The smartcase has an announced retail value of $50. Lunecase has only 30 days left on its fund-raising Kickstarter run.

inkcaseAndroid users need not despair; Singaporean company, OAXIS is currently selling their version of a smartcase that is designed to be compatible with both Android and iPhone. The product, InkCase, is equally impressive and unique in its own right. OAXIS is calling InkCase, “The Second Screen for Your Phone” because the product uses a bluetooth connection made with the smartphone to display notifications and text from specialized apps in digital ink on the case’s display; which can be positioned on the front or back of the phone. The original version of InkCase only offered compatibility with the iPhone 5 and certain Android devices from Samsung’s Galaxy line, but OAXIS made the decision to expand availability with an updated model after an enthusiastic consumer response.

InkCase Photo is an example of an application that is currently being made available for the InkCase which will turn the case’s display into a personalized picture case that can be modified at the discretion of the user. Epi-Reader is an application that  functions as an e-book reader; similar to a Kindle. The digital paper of the InkCase smartcase is capable of displaying the local weather forecast, text messages, stock information, sports scores, and maps – all without having to use the smartphone’s display. The first generation of InkCase is available for purchase on OAXIS’ website for a retail price of $130. The company has also announced the development of a updated version of the case; InkCase Lite. InkCase Lite doesn’t have an official date of availability, but OAXIS has said that they plan on integrating more features into the screen’s capability; such as interaction with QR (Quick Response) codes.

By Faye Barton