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snapchatSnapchat is  an application (app) to exchange videos, text, photos and drawings. The app is free to download on Android and iOS smart devices. Teens  and young adult, specifically those users 13 through 23 years old, know all about Snapchat’s buzz, according to data. Snapchat is more popular in the U.S. There’s the 40 plus getting interested in Snapchat, according to reports. Snapchat’s buzz is on.

Snapchat allows users to pick the number of friends to send messages to by text as well as how long he or she sees it. The images does a fading away process but a friend can take a screen-shot. A screen-shot is when a user records what’s on the monitor using a computer’s software. Snapchat brings it to your attention if a screen-shot is taken of your image.

Still, disappearing images have some online privacy protection groups and parents concerned. The disappearing images can take the form of sexting, cyber bullying, offensive behavior, posting photos that reveal too much. Some feel it promotes negative behavior because there’s no path to prove an offensive act occurred.  There’s an increase in sexting. Sexting is sharing images with some nudity, texts with terms involving adult themes to X rated ones. Snapchat’s developers maintain that it’s not embracing sexting  and any type of pornographic material need not come their way.

There’s been some controversy about whether or not Snapchat’s messages really vanish, to never be seen again. Snapchat has been accused of not being honest with customers who trust that their photos are being destroyed in a matter of seconds within viewing but not according to the Electronic Privacy Information Center. The Electronic Privacy Information Center filed, with the Federal Trade Commission, against Snapchat. Still, allegations and suits filed has not stopped Snapchat’s buzz.

Snapchat’s paper-work indicates its servers holds onto the last 200 messages or snaps sent and received by a user, but no content is kept. If it’s looked at by the user, the messages hang around for 30 days. The complaint was filed the 9th of May 2013. The disappearing images feature makes Snapchat stand out from the rest.

Let’s look closer at the buzz on Snapchat in regard to how it works. First you select the friends you’re going to communicate with and then find the large circular button sitting on your screen which is your camera. Tap it to take an image and then add text or what’s needed. Snapchat records a video by holding the button down while recording. Images and videos can be saved by the user.

The buzz on Snapchat is that it’s going to a new level. It can be considered an upgrade to other apps. Snapchat is going to allow users to chat through its messaging services. Yes, in real-time. It’s scheduled to happen soon. Messaging apps are the buzz, climbing in popularity. People are wanting to, not just to chat, but share photos of a shooter or another kind of video injustice. Life demands more and Snapchat is jumping in to provide just that. Also, there’s a need for people to talk in real-time for so many reasons.

The buzz on Snapchat is it’s aiming at meeting a need by providing the means to instant messaging, especially when so many teens have availed themselves to Snapchat.

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  1. codegoddesskh   May 2, 2014 at 10:44 pm

    I was curious about how much Snapchat data is kept around on the iPhone itself. The answer is quite a bit: metadata about messages sent and received, and even some of the “deleted” new chat messages.

    If you’re interested, you can see what is stored in your iPhone via the backups. We’ve made the functionality free in our software:

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