Sofia Vergara Celebrates Nick Loeb Split With Twitter Pictures

Sofia Vergara Celebrates Nick Loeb Split With Twitter Pictures

Modern Family star Sofia Vergara has split with fiance Nick Loeb, again, and she has celebrated by posting some Twitter pictures. The 41 year-old actress actually got onto the social networking site on Friday to tweet some of her assets from the front and the back.

Vergara has finished working on the film Wild Card, with Brit action man Jason Statham, and she is now working on an comedy action film with Reese Witherspoon. The actress posted her photos via the picture sharing site whosay. What with Modern Family, Wild Card and Don’t Mess with Texas, it is amazing that this gorgeous, and talented, woman has time to take pictures, let alone post them on the Internet.

Sofia explained about the breakup with her 38 year-old fiance as being down to conflicting schedules and the two spending way too much time trying to get together. It also appears that because of all this extra work, the relationship was just not fun any more.

Loeb and Vergara have been an item since 2010 and got officially engaged in 2012. The two have been having relationship trouble for some time now but Sofia has stressed that their split is very amicable. She wants the world to know that anything else the press may hint at is untrue.

Sofia Vergara may have celebrated her split with Nick Loeb by posting some Twitter pictures, but that celebratory mood seems to be down to the lack of acrimony between the two and the end of their engagement.

Both of the whosay pictures appear to be taken on the set of the Reese Witherspoon film Don’t Mess with Texas. In the first one, it looks like Sofia is being put through a window with her rear asset facing the camera lens.

Sofia Vergara Celebrates Nick Loeb Split With Twitter Pictures
Sofia Vergara whosay member since 2011. Pink covered rear…view.

The other photo posted by the Modern Family actress features the leggy, and very young looking, fortysomething star from the front, lying on a lawn chair next to a pool table. The actress can certainly afford to relax with the way her career is going.

Sofia Vergara Celebrates Nick Loeb Split With Twitter Pictures
Sofia lounging in a lawn lounge chair on-set.

Vergara started out as a model who then became a travel show host on television. Her debut in the film world was in 2002 in the movie Big Trouble. Sofia became a household name through her work on the popular TV comedy series Modern Family.

The natural blonde actress has revealed that when she began acting she had to color her hair dark due to her heritage. She said that every casting director seemed to think that Latin actresses should all look like Salma Hayek.

Sadly for Sofia Vergara, she will not be having the big wedding that she told Ellen DeGeneres about last year. Vergara may not be too sad about it since she seems to have celebrated the split from Nick Loeb with the Twitter pictures. Of course Sofia could just be hiding the pain behind a posed smile, at least in one photo. In the other, her face is not visible at all. Her film with Reese Witherspoon Don’t Mess with Texas is due out next year.

By Michael Smith