‘Son of Batman’ Review [Video]

son of batman

The original story for Son of Batman is based on of the comic series created by DC comics. The film’s plot focuses on Damian, Batman’s son and Talia al Ghul. For those who have read the comic series, this should seem familiar. For those who have not, Damian’s birth is referenced in the beginning of the film as the end result of a mind controlled Batman who has done the bidding of the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul. The film starts with Talia’s father being assassinated by Deathstroke, who is seeking revenge upon his former mentor and is determined to take over his legacy as the leader of the League of Shadows. Upon her father’s demise, Talia and Damian seek help from the one and only person who could possibly be of assistance: Damian’s father, a.k.a the Dark Knight.

This film boasts quite a bit of star power from the voice actor of the Dark Knight to the film’s director. Batman’s voice actor is none other than Jason O’Mara, whose name will be recognized by fans of popular works such as Terra Nova and Life on Mars. Son of Batman is directed by Ethan Spalding and produced by James Tucker, who is also behind the more recent animated film by the name of Justice League: War. Spalding is best known for his work on the Simpsons and Avatar: the Last Airbender. Warner Brothers and the DC Comic Corporation has been making films long enough to know who’s right for their movies.

Upon interviewing other fans who viewed the film, it was described as “epic” and “accurate to the comic series.” The film is visually pleasing for any seasoned Batman veteran. If this is someone’s first time viewing the Dark Knight on the big screen, it will be pleasing to sit and watch as the story unfolds. It’s not necessary to read the comic books before watching this film, but those who enjoy watching the Batman franchise will take great pleasure in comparing and contrasting the film to the comics. From beginning to end, the viewers are graced by the sight and sound of their favorite Batman heroes and villains. There is a great blend of old faces and new faces throughout the film.

In true Batman film style, this movie incorporates the two most important aspects of a Dark Knight film. Those two aspects are action and methodical detective work. Far too many film makers and directors continue to forget that Batman is a different hero altogether. He is not limited to hand-to-hand combat skills, and he has vast economic wealth. Batman is one of the greatest detectives and one of the most brilliant minds in the DC comic’s universe, and this film captures and displays this to the audience in the best ways possible.The bottom line is, Son of Batman does not disappoint.

Look forward to the Son of Batman feature release on DVD and Blu-Ray on May 6 and on digital HD download on April 22.

By Mike White

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