Spring Breakers Sequel Goes to War Against Christians

Spring Breakers

A sequel to the 2012 Spring Breakers film is in the works, and this time it goes to war against Christians. Fans are puzzled that the original film will even have a sequel. Most did not think that the original left off with the idea of a sequel nor did it warrant one. The original film was certainly one of the strangest films of last year and this comes as no surprise from writer and director Harmony Korine. Korine is known for his wild and “out there” films such as his debut 1997 film Gummo.

The original Spring Breakers centered on a group of college girls stuck at school during spring break and not being able to join the rest of their classmates in Florida. They hatch a plan to rob a fast food joint, and leave off with hundreds of dollars. When they finally arrive to Florida they meet the eccentric Alien, played by James Franco. Together the girls and Alien find themselves in wilder situations that end up with them going up against dangerous drug dealers.  The film starred Disney stars Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens, which later caused Hudgens to get upset that most of the attention was being focused on Gomez even though her part was smaller. The film lacked in plot, and instead was filled with wacked out dialogue, mainly from Alien, and had more of a music-video style in visuals. The film was mostly panned by critics and was only financially successful due to its low-budget. The film cost around 5-million and grossed over 30-million, a success in terms of profit. Korine even petitioned for Franco to get an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of Alien, a role that much like the film, is polarized between being loved and hated.

The new Spring Breakers sequel will go to war against Christians rather than drug dealers this time around. Some of the cast from the original is set to return in minor parts, but not any of the main characters. Harmony Korine will not return to direct nor did he write the sequel, the new film was written by Irvine Welsh and directed by Jonas Akerlund. It is unknown if Korine has any involvement at all and if he gave his blessing to the sequel. The plot will revolve on the new “spring breakers” that have a crew of extreme militant Christians who are overtly trying to convert them. The two will go to extreme lengths to battle it out in what is sure to be a bloody and extravagant affair.

It is still unknown who will star in the new sequel and if it will have a theatrical release or go straight to video. Was a sequel to Spring Breakers even something the fans of the film wanted?  Even in a time where sequels and remakes are dominating the box-office, this announcement of a Spring Breakers sequel that involves a plot of going to war against Christians comes as a big “what the f**k?”  What is certain is that the new film will be just as polarizing as the craze-filled original.

Opinion By Miguel A. Tamayo


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