Taylor Swift Knows All Selena Gomez Secrets

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Rumors have swirled over the last couple of months that these two friends have been feuding over Justin Bieber. However, at the Met Costume Gala, Selena Gomez ended the rumors, captioning a video with her and Taylor Swift that said, sometimes you just want to be with someone who knows all your secrets. This video proves to fans that the two girls are once again friends, and might have been friends all along.

Interesting enough, Gomez posted this video to her Instagram account, which has had its own share of media buzz lately. A few weeks ago, Gomez made headlines after she un-followed every one of her friends on Instagram, Swift included. Gomez deleted Kendall and Kylie Jenner, along with Justin Bieber, after a weekend parting at Coachella Music Festival. When the reports began speculating why the singer deleted her these specific friends, Gomez then deleted everyone, creating even more buzz. Gomez also deleted any pictures she took with the Jenner sisters.

This past year has been especially hard on Gomez. The singer has had her personal life followed in the media for quite some time. It was reported that Swift and Gomez began fighting when Gomez decided to take her ex, Justin Bieber, back. Bieber has also been in the media for bad behavior and rumor has it that the country singer did not approve. It was also rumored that while the two singers were on the outs, Gomez went to rehab, fired her parents as her managers, and then started hanging out with Kendall and Kylie Jenner, who were considered bad influences.

However, Swift has had a great year. The country singer moved to New York City, and has been spotted walking around the city with a bunch of new stylish friends. Reports circulated that the country singer had moved on from her old pal, because the pop singer was partying too hard and obsessed with Bieber. Fans were disappointed when they thought the two singers were no longer friends. At past award shows, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez were often seated next to each other, dancing all through the night, whispering secrets to each other, and laughing about things that only they would know.

In the recent video that Gomez posted to Instagram, the pop singer and the country singer are running along the halls in their gorgeous gowns. The two are laughing, dancing, and blowing kisses to the camera as music from Frank Sinatra plays in the background. The words in the song speak about leaving confusion and disillusion behind. Perhaps the two girls are trying to send a message to everyone who has been speculating about their friendship.

Fans will be undoubtedly happy that know that Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez have not kept their reunion a secret, but have reunited in such a way that everyone will know that they are still friends. In the video, Gomez looked the happier than she has looked in a long time. Maybe the stain of the past year will finally come to an end for the pop singer. After all, as Gomez put it, sometimes you just need to be with the person who knows everything about you for life to be okay again. Here’s hoping we will see Swift and Gomez dancing at the next award show together again.

Opinion By Sara Petersen

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