The Voice Season 6 Live Finale And the Winner Is…. (Review & Videos)

The Voice Season 6 Live Finale (Review & Videos)
Tonight on The Voice it’s the time that the entire season has been building up to, the episode where the competitor who will be named “The Voice” and get a Universal Music recording contract will finally be revealed! Last night, the three Finalists, Josh Kaufman, Jake Worthington, and Christina Grimmie sang two individual songs, and a duet with their respective coaches. Their fates were in your hands, America, as you voted for the one who you liked the best! Which of the three got the most votes? Read on, and find out!

Carson Daly, the host of The Voice, began the episode by recapping last night’s “epic show” as he called it. Of course, it was actually really recapped by an hour-long show right before this one, but, oh, well….

Each of the three Finalists gave great performances, “leaving everything on the stage for your votes,” as Carson put it.

OneRepublic started off The Voice by singing “Love Runs Out.” They got the show off to a terrific start, pumping the audience up for what’s to come next. The audience were on their feet the entire song. It was a pretty AMAZING performance! Usher and Shakira stood up with the audience to give them a standing ovation as they finished singing. Then, The Voice went to its first commercial break of the evening.

Adam: “I would like Christina Grimmie to know, whatever else happens, if she loses tonight, I will sign her to my record label.” Cool — way to go, Adam!

Usher hopes that a new coach will win tonight, one other than Blake and Adam — meaning himself, of course. Blake says that he and Adam “will miss the hell out of these two” referring to Usher and Shakira, who then hugged Blake.

Jake Worthington will be singing, for his “Bring Back” song, “Summertime.” He will be singing it with Kat Perkins, Ryan, Kristen Merlin, among others.  Jake began singing the song, then the others joined in, one-by-one. The audience clapped throughout the song — what a great performance!

Then, The Voice went to another commercial break.

Carson then introduced Christina Grimmie and Ed Sheeran. They sang a duet of “All of the Stars” together. Ed played the guitar as they sang. It was an INCREDIBLE performance, acoustic, low key, but both Christina and Ed have such great voices, they held the audience in the palms of their hands.

After another commercial break, The Voice came back with another group song, with past performers from this season singing “She’s Gone.” Delvin Choice, Jake Barker, Morgan Wallen, Patrick Thomson, & Stevie Jo sang it — they did an AMAZING job singing it, and the audience clapped along as they sang. It was a very soulful, melodic group performance.  They NAILED this song!

More commercials ensued….Ed Sheeran will be returning after the break, and we’ll (eventually) get to hear who is the season winner!

So, who will be the winner of The Voice? Jake had perhaps his best performance last night singing “A Country Boy Can Survive” with Blake Shelton.

“Lifestyles of Usher Raymond” was next — more filler stuff. It was somewhat humorous, with Usher saying what some of his sayings are, and his Likes. He called Blake “a hairless Chewbacca.”

After that, Carson Daly introduced country singer Justin Moore, from Arkansas, who sang one of his hits, “Lettin’ the Night Roll.” He had the audience clapping their hands, held high up over their heads, as he sang.

Next up on The Voice, Josh Kaufman’s “Bring Back” song was “Am I Wrong.”  He performed it with Sisaundra, Stevie Jo, and T.J. Wilkins.

Then, Carson introduced a segment about “Messin’ With Shakira.” Kind of like “Messing With Bigfoot,” except about a 5’3″ Columbian firecracker. Actually, it was more filler, as The Voice struggled to last out two hours.

Then, Carson introduced Ed Sheeran singing his hit, “Sing.” Man, there were some CRAZY FAST parts to the song — it’s a pretty cool tune. The audience clapped their hands over their heads as he sang. It was another TERRIFIC performance — then, The Voice went to another commercial break.

When The Voice returned, Carson introduced Jake Worthington and the band Alabama, who sang “Play Me some Mountain Music.” They all JAMMED OUT on this song, and the audience really got into the performance. One member of Alabama had a neat-looking green fiddle/violin he played.

After another break, Carson then introduced Dani, Madelyn, and Tess Boyer singing “Umbrella.” They performed a great version of this song, and had the audience clapping along right from the start to the end of it. Of course, all of this is just build-up for the eventual reveal of who won, but the performances were, nevertheless, great.

Another filler came up next, “The Voice: Confessional” bit. Jake said “Blake and I get along real, real great.” Carson said that each of the three Finalists would be able to pick the Kia of their choice Jake said the car he was going to get, he was going to give to his grandma, because she bought him his first car.

Ten, we heard Adam and some of his quotes of the past seasons, like “that is one of my favorite songs.” He has a LOT of “favorite” songs.

Blake said “I don’t think he eve said he liked one of my songs.”

Next, Josh Kaufman and Robin Thicke sang Robin’s song, “Get Her Back.” Their voices could have been interchangeable; they both sounded quite a bit like each other as they sang, and did a “Meet & Greet” with the audience., who enthusiastically clapped along.  Josh WAILED on parts of the song.

Carson said when The Voice comes back, Tim McGraw will be singing, and we’ll hear who is the season winner. First, of course, there were further commercials — arrgh!

Carson said that people from Tumblr sent in graphics for Christina to use in her upcoming performance a bit later. First, though, Tim McGraw will be singing his hit “City Lights.”The audience clapped along as he sang. Tim went up and pressed flesh with his fans in the audience, who were holding their hands up in the air for him to touch as he sang.

Christina brought back Bria Kelly, Tess Boyer, and Jake Barker to sing her “Bring Back” song, “Team,” by Lorde. They did a TERRIFIC job with this song! It sounded quite a bit like the original, but they succeeded in making it their own. They had a great interplay with the audience, and they ROCKED the song OUT!

Afterward, Carson introduced a bit with Blake and Jake talking with each other. It seemed like a mix of non sequitors. Jake tried to think of “Richie Valens,” but he insisted it was “Rickie Valentine.”

Carson then introduced Coldplay, who sang one of their many hit songs, “A Sky Full of Stars.” It was a pretty magical performance — they can sing about almost anything and make it sound great.

The Voice went to another commercial break, with Carson saying that when they returned, he would announce the winner. Keep your fingers crossed, America, for your favorite performer left of the three!

Back from break, Carson had the three Finalists on stage, and asked them for any last words they might have. The three all thanked their coaches, and said that they had a great time and learned so much.

Carson first read the name of the artist in third place. “The Finalist in third place is — Christina Grimmie! That leaves Jake Worthington and Josh Kaufman. One of you is ‘The Voice.’ The winner of The Voice is — Josh Kaufman!”

WOW! What a show, what a way to end season 6 of The Voice! Christina has the recording offer from Adam Levine, Josh is the winner, and Jake, doubtless, will also be singing a record contract in the near future. They are all extremely talented performers, and it will be interesting to here some of their own songs on the radio in the coming months and years. What did you think of tonight’s Finale, America? Do you vote for Josh Kaufman, or one of the other two performers? Was there too much filler tonight, or did you just take it in stride? Please leave your comments below!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

8 Responses to "The Voice Season 6 Live Finale And the Winner Is…. (Review & Videos)"

  1. Karen   May 21, 2014 at 5:17 pm

    Jake should have won. .hope he gets a contract with someone. ..and yes to many fillersf

  2. Jo Braun   May 21, 2014 at 11:37 am

    WAY, WAY, WAY too much fillers!!!

  3. Stephanie   May 21, 2014 at 11:21 am

    Let me say that all of this seasons contestants were absolutely fantastic! Right from the beginning I felt it was a toss-up between Josh and Christina. What absolutely fantastic voices the two of them have. They will both go far. I loved the rendition of Elvis’ song that Christina did.. No one could do justice to any of Elvis’ song acording to some people. But that rendition was great!

  4. Nancy   May 21, 2014 at 6:56 am

    I thought Jake was great,!!!!!! I hate screaming music, and yes I’am country, and I hope he’ll find someone to take him on. and I’am sure he will. felt that Christina butchered Elvis’s song, did not enjoy that at all. But I knew all along Josh would take it.

  5. Kim Barnwell   May 21, 2014 at 6:01 am

    Whatever @ bsmn1 Jake had heart and was a real person! He even gave his new car to his Grandmother. So it wasn’t just about country music it was about the person he was inside and out! If that’s what country music is all about then count me in!

  6. R B   May 21, 2014 at 5:00 am

    I voted for Josh beyond the max o 50 times and I never vote on these shows. I love his voice and style. christina is amazing as well and while I like country music I definetly think Jake should have been third.

  7. Kathryn   May 20, 2014 at 9:25 pm

    I concur! How Jake made it so far is a mystery?? Nice guy with a very average voice. Thank god he didn’t win, but Christina in 3rd??? She’ll be just fine. Fun finale!

  8. bsmn1   May 20, 2014 at 8:47 pm

    How Jake got this far is beyond me. Country fans must simply vote for whomever is “Country”.

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