Tiffany Thorton Accused of Abducting Own Children

Former Disney star Tiffany Thorton has been accused of abducting her own children. The accusation comes from Thorton’s husband, who contacted the Los Angeles Police Department to file a child stealing report.

Chris Carney, 33, claims that his wife kidnapped their two children (Kenneth, 20 months and Bentley, 2 months) with the aid of his mother, Ruth Carney, who serves as the mayor of Hot Springs, Arkansas. Carney’s father Ken is the pastor of a Nazarene church.

So why would Tiffany Thorton abduct her own children? Carney attributes the alleged kidnapping mostly to postpartum depression, which he claims began occurring after the birth of their second child. Carney believes that his wife was struggling with the idea that her former life was gone for good after Bentley was born. He is also of the opinion that religion played a role in the former actress choosing to take their children. Carney states that Thorton is deeply religious, and has always harbored resentment towards the fact that he was not.

This latter fact, however, was not always the case. A few years ago, the 33-year-old musician allegedly turned to religion after being arrested on drug charges. Carney’s arrest was showcased on MTV reality show Twentyfourseven, which followed the valiant attempts of Carney and his friends in their efforts to become Hollywood stars. Interest for the show was sparked from Carney’s success with his band Prom King, whose smash hit single Blow was featured in the film The Island. Despite the initial hype surrounding the show during it’s December 2006 premiere, MTV cancelled the show after a mere three episodes, declining to provide any subsequent reason as to why, however, it is highly speculated that Carney’s arrest had a great deal to do with it. Following the cancellation of the series, Carney and his band-mates chose to go their separate ways.

After his arrest, Carney enrolled in a Christian rehabilitation program, during which the short-lived reality television star claimed he had found Jesus and, as such, learned the error of his previous lifestyle. It was after this life changing spiritual decision that Thorton decided Carney was right for her. The two had previously engaged in a brief dating spell, but Thorton was disapproving of the musician’s wild ways and chose to terminate the relationship before it progressed into something more serious. The two were married in 2011 at Garvan Woodland Gardens, located in Hot Springs National Park.

In regards to the aforementioned allegations that Thorton stole her two children away from her husband due to depression and struggle with religious issues, representatives for the former Sonny With A Chance starlet insist it is simply not true. Although those connected to Thorton do not deny that the 28-year-old did indeed leave the state with the couple’s children, they have given a statement that she did so for their own safety. It is unclear, as of yet, where Thorton’s concern lay in regards to the claims that she felt her children were in need of protection.

It remains to be seen what will come of the accusations made of Tiffany Thorton having abducted her own children. The aforementioned representatives for the former actress have stated that they are dealing with Carney’s police report in the appropriate manner.

By Rebecca Grace

Arkansas Times
US Weekly

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