Utah Woman Allegedly Kills Six of Her Newborns but Unable to Tell Police How Many She Murdered

Utah Woman Allegedly Kills Six of Her Newborns But Unable to Tell Police How Many She Murdered

A Utah woman who has been allegedly accused of killing six of her own newborns and then storing them in her garage was unable to actually tell police just exactly how many dead babies she supposedly murdered and were inside her home the day she was taken in custody. This was according to court documents released to the public on Friday.

Megan Huntsman explained to Utah police on April 12 that there were between seven to nine dead babies in her home which lays to the south of Salt Lake City, indicated the search warrant statement.

Police Capt. Mike Roberts told the public that the police thought there were just seven bodies inside the garage, and that Huntsman was mixed up in her thinking.

Captain Roberts stated that the woman was unable to remember the precise the number so she tossed out a random figure. Huntsman’s remarks came after police discovered marijuana, bongs, Xanax and a diary located inside the trailer where she resided with a boyfriend in West Valley City, which is considered a suburb of Salt Lake City. Roberts refused to say if the items belonged to or were used by Huntsman, saying it was due to the investigation being an open one.

However he did mention that during an interview with Huntsman, she did seem normal. Regardless, Huntsman, age 39, has been charged with six counts of murder in the first-degree. The woman has yet to enter a plea.

Earlier that day, police had discovered the dead bodies of seven infants inside the garage of Huntsman’s house in Pleasant Grove after the husband she is separated from discovered one baby in a tiny white box wrapped up in electrician’s tape. He stated to police he found the body inside a plastic bag and it had a strong chemical odor coming from it.

Roberts explained to the media later on that it was determined the smell had come from the body decomposing and not any sort of chemicals. None of the bodies had chemicals on them. Police from the Pleasant Grove department found the six other corpses after acquiring a search warrant for the house. The bodies were hidden throughout the garage in boxes, towels, bags or shirts, stated documents.

During the search, police authorities also stated they discovered a pair of woman’s underwear and bloody gloves in the garage, and infant clothes and booties in the main bedroom. Police took discolored sections of a mattress that was also in the bedroom as proof.

The suspect explained to police that on the day that the first dead body was discovered by her husband that the newborn was stillborn and she had been too afraid to go to either police or to a hospital but she had no explanation as to why she was scared.

Huntsman later admitted that from the years 1996 to 2006, she had allegedly suffocated or strangled six of the babies, placed them inside plastic bags and then packed their dead bodies inside boxes and placed them in different spots around the garage of her home, stated various court documents. Investigators refused to explain what Huntsman’s motive was but stated they knew it. During a court appearance on Monday, the chained Huntsman kept her eyes mostly aimed at the floor while she was informed of the charges she faced.

Her defense attorney explained to the media that he had talked with Huntsman and she seemed okay, though he refused to give any details about her state of mind. Investigators believed the separated husband was the father of the babies. He was living with Huntsman during the 10 years that the infants were killed, but then went to federal prison on drug charges from 2006 until January of this year. Prosecutors explained he is cooperating fully with the investigation and has not been considered a suspect.

The authorities are waiting for DNA testing to confirm that he and Huntsman are for certain the biological parents of the dead babies, and to determine what their respective sexes were. The causes of death also are unclear at the present time. The FBI was brought in aid in the investigation because there are not any labs in Utah which are able to analyze DNA taken from such small corpses explained Utah police. This is all due to Huntsman having been accused of killing six of her own newborns and then storing them in the woman’s garage.

By Kimberly Ruble


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