Wealth and Money vs. Happiness

Wealth and Money Vs. Happiness

While observing the Memorial Day weekend events, a crushing blow to the mind erupts with both confusion and new enlightenment. A final thought to rest with ends in the conclusion that this world seems to be out of control, skewed in perspective, greedy, sick and unhappy. The humans that exist and rule the Earth sometimes seem to forget the big picture, while concentrating on their own ambitions and selfish pleasures. It is truly a sad state of affairs when we get down to the truth of why we are even alive.

Instead of recognizing soldiers that have given up their lives for freedom, we are consumed by stories of a terrifying mass murder, the lavish wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kayne West, nude pictures of starlets and other trivial facts from the sports and entertainment world. What does it all really mean?

Does it mean fighting with our neighbor about their dog barking, complaining about our fast food order that was not correct, being annoyed for waiting in a traffic jam or in line at the grocery store? Who will really remember all these trials and the amount of money we have in the bank when we are all dead and gone? Upheavals in the US and witnessing worldwide wars, along with financial instability do have a direct impact on our daily lives, as we ponder the reality of a God that controls the universe.

The Creation Museum in Kentucky was also in the news this weekend with more speculations. Whether one believes in a higher power or not, religion and spirituality is a dominant force in the world embracing many thoughts, sects, denominations and ways to practice beyond everyday life. Equality laws and the politically correct responses are ruling the way we speak and act. It is fair only if we agree to disagree peacefully. One side tries to sway the other side to come their corner in an ongoing battle of free speech and choice. No one is really free in this world anymore, at the expense of offending someone in their workplace or school.

Get rich schemes are prominent on the internet as lottery tickets are selling like wildfire. The almighty dollar is still the ultimate prize in gaining success in some people’s minds. Even after winning, the golden ticket is often squandered and taxed leaving the winner penniless. The money trees are becoming depleted by quick actions instead of old-fashioned work. Credit card debt is at an all time high with many filing bankruptcy and living above their means. The high school peer pressure to achieve follows many well into their adult lives as they do what-ever it takes to get money in the bank and keep themselves looking good.

For most, dire circumstances, lack of education, job layoffs and medical situations rule the wallet. It is many times out of a person’s control and plan for their future. Life is unpredictable and not always the path we imagine for our hopes and dreams. Careless decisions or inevitable predicaments arise without warning. In general, the rule is to live within one’s own means with diligence and accountability. Wishing on a star rarely happens in the real world.

Observing the rich and famous on luxurious vacations and giving in to the wants of the world will eventually lead to a path of uncertainness and a life without true happiness and security. Simply being content in your own life and in the world should be the goal everyone strives for. The path to success is not a money tree, but rather the tree of knowledge. Unfortunately that fact of life has been debated, abated and discarded to mix into the melting pot of popular trends and prosperity that lasts just a few short years in the scheme of the universe.

Opinion by: Roanne FitzGibbon


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