What Jesus “Really” Looked Like, Prepare to Be Shocked [Video]


What Jesus "Really" Looked Like, Prepare to Be Shocked

There is an image of what people believe Jesus looked like and that has been ingrained in the minds of most individuals for all of their lives. However that image is believed to false. Yet it is a vision of Jesus Christ that Christians and even people of other and no faiths have grown accustomed to. The image of Jesus that has become very common began many years ago back after Leonardo da Vinci started a very close relationship with Cesare Borgia.

Leonardo and the child of Rodrigo Borgia, who would later became Pope Alexander VI, was so close it was believed they were lovers. Under the power of the Catholic Church, Pope Alexander VI decided that he would have his son, Cesare Borgia used as the model for Jesus in paintings that da Vinci was commissioned to do.

What Jesus Really Looked Like, Prepare to Be Shocked

What Jesus Really Looked Like, Prepare to Be Shocked


So Cesare Borgia allowed his father to hire Leonardo to be a painter, architect and engineer for the family, while in secret he himself took da Vinci on as his lover. However Cesare was not choosy with his sexual partners. He also had sex with his own sister Lucrezia, and killed his brother Giovanni in 1497. It is definitely ironic the Catholic Church gave their consensus that this man would be chosen to become the “face” of Jesus.

Why was this done? No one knows for sure, but it was supposedly foretold in the original Bible, before the Catholic Church got hold of it, there were a number of books of the Apocrypha. Allegedly the Church found out that one of the apocryphal books was entitled The Wisdom of Solomon and had been written many hundreds of years before the occurrence of this fake image as Jesus from the Pope’s son. It was written about in the old Bible. Because of this, the Roman Catholic Church quickly removed the Wisdom of Solomon so people would never know of the deception.

The author of this news article is unsure of the authenticity of the above statement, and does not agree with everything stated in the video. She has discovered many articles claiming it to be fact, but others that state otherwise. Some have said that Martin Luther was Catholic and started the reform movement for the protestant church. Luther was a Catholic Monk. So the statement seems to be correct. However the Catholic hierarchy did not agree with most of his teachings, so they rejected him as a Catholic. So there became a huge rift inside the Catholic church because of the Apocryphal books due to Martin Luther. This caused the man being excommunicated. This means it is with uncertainty why the Apocryphal books were removed such as the Wisdom of Solomon and the Gospel of Barnabas, the Gospel where it spoke about the idea that Jesus was never crucified. The link to that article is at the bottom of this article.

The following three passages come from the Wisdom of Solomon and seem to suggest that when they were written, they predicted this cover-up that would come much later in the Catholic Church, but only the reader can decide for himself or herself what he or she believes. They are as follows:

Wisdom of Solomon 14:12:– “For the planning of painting idols was the starting of spiritual fornication, and the invention of them the corruption of life.”

Wisdom of Solomon 14:15 : “For a father afflicted with mourning, when he hath made an painted image of his child soon taken away, now treated him as a god.”

Wisdom of Solomon 14:17:– “Whom men could not honor in presence, because they dwelt far off, they took a painted counterfeit of his image from far.”

The Bible that most people know today has a passage in Corinthians which states: “Does not the nature of things teach that a man who has his hair long degrade himself?” 1 Corinthians 11:14 So it seems that Jesus most likely did not have long hair and the painting everyone knows is not what Jesus looked like in actuality.

So the image of what people have in their minds of what Jesus looked like is most likely to be false. Whether he is standing at a door, knocking or sitting in a beautiful field holding a gentle lamb, the webs of deception wrinkle through all those pictures that people have come to know and love so well.

By Kimberly Ruble


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