Amazon Introduces Kindle Fire: Their Version of the Smartphone


Amazon Appstore dealers just launched their version of the smart phone called Amazon Kindle Fire. This is a new mobile phone that will accommodate “the shopping experience” of its millions of users. The new Amazon Kindle Fire has many of the same features of the smartphones on today’s market as well.

Kindle Fire also has an exclusive feature that will allow users to take a photo of any retail product and immediately receive imprinted data. Amazon’s new feature for mobile phones is similar to the footprint tool that many large chain retailers use for consumers to, quickly retrieve a price on a particular item or to, view the special features of a product before making purchases.
Amazon’s CEO and founder Jeff Besoz said, “I am not trying to compete with Apple or Samsung, the new Amazon Kindle Fire smartphone will also allow consumers to have a better online shopping experience with”

Google and Apple are considered the “middle men” for smart phones providers. Currently Apple has a net worth is valued at $600 billion and with very little overhead expenses and few employees, their executives managed to bring the company up high on the economical business chain. As for Amazon, their net worth is valued $68 billion in comparison.

Now that Amazon has introduced the Kindle Fire which is their version of the smartphone; Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, and now Amazon are all in the same market vying for the retail sales of cell phone users. Besoz said they are constantly improvising to help better ensure all black berry users are accommodated with the essentials and have mobile phones that are safer to use.

Amazon was formerly known as an “Internet bookstore” back when Bezos first started the company. Amazon’s primary retail was the kindle book and an exclusive online service providing online eBooks to readers everywhere. The genius of Bezos appealed to millions of book lovers, who rushed out and bought one of the versions of amazon’s eBook tablets. The idea was that consumers now had a choice to purchase millions of books online and have them downloaded to a touch screen tablet.

With that type new technology being available on a hand held device it literally sent many bookstores into bankruptcy and nonexistence. Meanwhile, the mighty Amazon dealer became one of the most profitable startup enterprises of the world.

Amazon has an online Appstore that features nearly 300,000 downloadable applications. The Amazon Appstore application is compatible with any pc, mac, tablet or mobile smartphone. Some of the favorite downloadable items include, Netflix, Candy Crush Saga, and the Pinterest application.

Google Play and Apple Store offers it consumers millions more applications. However Amazon specializes in “the great shopping experience.” Amazon has a browser interface that allows consumers to view products online visible and clear. Bezos said, “as the consumer needs increased Amazon extended its services and offered more applications.”

Apparently progress for Amazon continues to flow steadily as they introduced their own version of the Kindle Fire smartphone on Wednesday. Many people consider the launching “a good decision.” The Amazon empire continues to evolve its technology as they almost effortlessly increases its massive online sales. According to John Chen, CEO of Blackberry Ltd., “Amazon becoming a smart phone supplier is simply providing consumers with a service who are already associated with the enterprise that is just as important.”

By Kimakra Nealy
Forbes Magazine
 My Northwest News
ABC News