Andi Dorfman Resigns as Assistant District Attorney

Andi Dorfman

Andi Dorfman has resigned as the Assistant District Attorney (ADA) for Georgia’s Fulton County. She appeared on Bachelorette’s 10th season, and has shared no plans about her future career decisions. The decision to resign has led to a number of people criticizing her, and some have even gone to criticize the likes of the Kardashians who make it clear that becoming reality TV show stars can be a good career choice.

The 27-year-olds decision has been a shock to many. While on Bachelorette she spoke about how much she loved her job, and found it empowering. She loves TV shows that involve crime and the law, including Law & Order and Scandal, and seemed to have aspirations to be just like that. One thing she said about her job was that she helped to put the “bad guys away,” and that she love doing that.

To appear on the show, she was granted a temporary leave of unpaid absence. She was supposed to return by May 31, but may have had the option to extend that leave. Instead, she has decided her love life is more of an important focus right now. The good news is that it seems her job will still be open to her. The District Attorney’s office has made it clear that she was a hard worker, and would consider re-hiring her in the future if she wanted to come back.

For now, Dorfman is happy resigning as the Assistant District Attorney, even though she has no other plans that she has shared. Although it is important to point out that she has not shared her plans. She does not seem like the type of girl who would just drop a successful career for love or the potential of love. She is extremely down to earth, and definitely has her head in the right place. She would not have reached such a successful position in her legal career if that was not the case.

It could be a case of the biological clock ticking. While she loves her job and her life, she wants a husband and a family. At 27-years-old some women do hear that biological clock telling them there is little time left. Some women do not want to wait until they are more than 30 to have their first child, and certainly do not want to wait until they are older than 35. However, there are some women out there who are happy to wait, and will even wait until they are almost or over 40.

Dorfman has made it clear that this was not a rash decision. She took some time to think of her options, and it was difficult for her. This does not mean that she wants to become a reality TV show star like the Kardashians and others around the world. She was happy with the direction her life was heading in and her career, as long as she had someone to share it with. Her love life is now her main priority, which has led to the decision for Dorfman to step down as Assistant District Attorney in Fulton County.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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