Android Beats Apple for Innovation

There has been a long-term debate over which phone company is better, Android or Apple. While both phone companies have great systems that offer a lot to their users, Android has a slight leg up against Apple when it comes to innovation. Android phones beat Apple when it comes to innovation for their phones as well as customization.

Android’s phones have larger screens in comparison to the iPhone. Nowadays, the leading phones in Android like the Samsung Galaxy S4 provide as much resolution as a movie playing on the big screen, only it is on a five-inch screen on a phone. The iPhone has a four-inch screen with a resolution that does not compare to that of Android’s HD resolution.

Androids offer users more choices. Android phones allow users to choose their own keyboard, have movable backgrounds or screen savers, and customize in many more areas in comparison to the iPhone. Android users are given endless options for customizing their individual phones, in fact the Android even has a customizing feature that can make the phone look like an iPhone. The vast customization opportunity is a big factor that draws customers to Android over Apple. All Apple iPhones look the same, but Android phones can be uniquely tailored to each individual buyer. In addition to choosing any style of keyboard, the user can also choose a texting style. Android offer the ability to use “Swype” which is a form of texting by dragging the finger along words as opposed to clicking each individual letter. This style of typing is much swifter and faster, it can also be more enjoyable for some.

Android phones have the ability to connect with other Android phones by simply touching the two phones together in order to transfer files from one phone to the other. This is done through the NFC chip, near field communications. In addition to connecting to other Android phones, this chip also allows users to connect with headphones and televisions with just one simple tap. This is an innovative function the iPhone has yet to announce, a big way in which Android beats Apple.

The Android phones allow users to see all files downloaded on to the phone in a computer like fashion. Another function allows users to easily and quickly move or erase files and folders all together. Android’s universal sharing menu allows its users to quickly share photos or websites with friends via social media, email, or other sharing apps. The sharing feature allows users to have multiple sharing options when it comes to displaying content. Android also has the ability to display multiple apps on the home screen at one time. Apps will come up side by side, allowing the user to multi-task.

Android’s use of Google is better than iPhone’s use of Siri. When asking questions Google can right away generate a list of website catered to answering that questions, whereas Siri will immediately search Bing, not Google. Android allows music to come from anywhere on the phone. Apple requires all music to first be downloaded into iTunes. In addition, iPhoto is needed to browse through pictures.

iPhone has been drawing its consumers in with its name. Everyone wants the iPhone because everyone else has the iPhone. It is purchased more for its popularity in the brand name as opposed to its use as actually being a good phone. When it comes to technology, innovation, and customization Android wins. Android phones beat Apple iPhones with innovation catered to that of the individual user.

Opinion by Amena S. Chaudhri

NBC News
Business Insider

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  1. edzel   June 24, 2014 at 12:45 am

    the price of iphone was expensive compare to other phone not just because of its OS, its expensive because of its material, its durability, its reliability,…etc., as of now, my cousin iphone1 still in very good condition, you can still use it while plug with its charger, because the battery dont recharge already.

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